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Tridindia IT Translation Services Pvt. Ltd. is a foremost provider of expert translation services, interpretation services and transcription services. Started in 2002, Tridindia is delivering translation services to clients ranging from start-ups, SMEs and to large sized private and government organizations. Tridindia caters the matchless expertise in providing technical, medical, legal, financial, literal, administrative and commercial translation services. At Tridindia, all translation, interpretation and transcription services are carried by top professional language experts’ specializing in their particular sphere.

The TridIndia team is built up of expert and experienced professional translators, industry specific engineers, excellent project managers and QA personnel. Our translators are all inherent speakers of the target language by means of established skill in translating all type of document. Our team has compact qualified credentials in a variety of fields, including biotechnology, data communication, telephony, healthcare products, network management, optics, semiconductors, medical devices, programming, databases, data encryption, financial software, legal contracts and others.

Translation services have become one of the most imperative jobs in a modernized world. As the whole world is shrinking based on networking and language advances, it is obvious that there has been a continuous need and an unprecedented requirement for translation of notions from one language to another. Translation comes very handy as soon as it comes to the exchange of trade & information between global organizations and governments entities.

Translation abridges the gap between diverse worlds, dissimilar cultures and separate ideology. It brings people closer and facilitates them discovering a universal language and global outlook. Tridindia offers a quality translation service in systematically every sphere of human activities be it medical, technical, juridical, legal or scientific. It plays a guiding role in transferring your message and ideas to the intended customers, to comprehend and be comprehended by the others.

The key advantages of Tridindia are a blend of top quality and affordable prices. We handle each project as a team to finish our undertakings and apparently perceive all the terms and conditions despite of their longevity and complexity. We value professionalism and focus on quality of work; we work with more than hundred languages and offers translation services into the most widely spoken languages of the world.

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“The best thing that I liked about TridIndia is their professionalism & promptness in delivering bulk projects within shorter time frame. Kudos to the team..!!”

Christian Lesser

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