2016 May Offer a Great Salary Increment to Indian Employees

Some recent reports say that 2016 may offer a great salary increment to Indian employees. It is said that an increment of 4.7% might be witnessed in the salary.

Great Salary Increment to Indian Employees

Further, it is estimated that the global salaries would witness a hike of 2.5%. The biggest wage rise would be for the Asian workers. This rise would be in the real wages. Further, it is estimated that the highest rise would be in China – 6.3%, Thailand – 6.1% and Vietnam – 7.3%.

Because of the constantly increasing demand of skilled workers, it is being estimated the salary hike for china employees would be 8% in the upcoming year 2016. The employment rates are also growing.

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This data was drawn from Hay Group PayNet. It contains all the important data for millions of employees in varied organizations.

This hike is regarded as the highest in the past three years. The experts say that the salary hike was 2.1% in the last year and 0.2% in the year 2014.

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The study predicted the salary increasing after comparing it with the predictions made in 2015, during this time.


1884 के बाद अब 2015 की दिवाली में आया दुर्लभ लक्ष्मी प्राप्ति योग

लगभग 131 साल बाद 2015 की दिवाली में आया दुर्लभ लक्ष्मी प्राप्ति योग। 11 नवंबर को (दिवाली वाले दिन) विशाखा नक्षत्र में धाता, बुधादित्य एवं सौभाग्य का योग है।

Laxmi Prapti Yog This Diwali in 2015 After 1884

बुधादित्य योग राजयोग कहलाता है। इसलिए इस योग के दौरान अगर आप कोई भी काम पूरी श्रधा से करेंगे तो आपको सफलता जरुर मिलेगी। वहीं दूसरी तरफ धाता योग बुधादित्य और सौभाग्य का पूरक है।

इस दिवाली पर बन रहे अति उत्तम योग का लाभ जरुर उठायें और मां लक्ष्मी की विधि विधान से पूजा करने वालो को अवश्य ही ऐश्वर्य की अनुभूति होगी।

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अगर आप एक व्यापारी है तो यह दिवाली आपके लिए बड़ी ही ख़ास होगी। यह योग खाद्य पदार्थ, सोना, वाहन तथा चांदी आदि जैसे व्यापारों के लिए लाभकारी मन जा रहा है।

कहा जा रहा है कि ऐसा योग 1884 में आया था और अब ऐसा ही योग इस बार (11 नवंबर 2015) की दिव्वाली में बनेगा। इस साल के बाद यह योग साल 2145 में आएगा। लक्ष्मी प्राप्ति के लिए यह योगग बहुत अच्छा है।

[ जानिये: क्या विभीषण की नाकामी के कारण हुआ था श्रीराम- रावण युद्ध? ]

ऐसा भी माना जा रहा है कि धनतेरस पर भी लाभकारी योग रहेगा और कुछ भी सामान खरीदने पर लगभग तेरह गुना लाभ प्राप्ति होगी।

मानसिक शांति प्राप्त करने के लिए लोग धनतेरस पर पीतल और चांदी के बर्तन खरीदते है।


New iPhone 7 on the Way with Rumoured Release Date and Features

There are a number of rumours these days for iPhone 7, the next handset offered by Apple. What would be its release date, features etc, everything is getting estimated.

New iPhone 7 Rumoured Release Date

On one hand, where iPhone 6s has garnered a lot of appreciation from the masses, on the other hand, it is expected by the market gurus that the new iPhone 7 would be packaged in brand-new chassis and extraordinary features.

Release Date

The release date of the new iPhone 7 is not yet confirmed. But, some analysts said that it is easy to estimate the release date of the phone by looking at the previous release dates of Apple’s phone.

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Although it is not confirmed, yet the releasing date is expected to around September, 2016, as the iPhone 6s was also released on September 9, 2015.

New iPhone 7 on the Way

However, the 6s is still not available to the Indian citizens. Public release of iPhone 6s would in India would be on October 16.


With an expectation of extraordinary features and attributes, it is estimated that the new iPhone 7 would have improved camera present in the 6s, improved 3D Touch and an improved Touch ID 2 sensors.

It can also be said that the iPhone users might not require any security app. But, in modern tech savvy world, everyone must know about some popular antivirus apps for iPhone.

Furthermore, it is expected that not just the market would the new iPhone 7, but also iPhone 7 plus.

As far as the screen size is concerned, it is not confirmed that apple would increase the size or no. just as the Vodafone freebie offers on iPhone are gaining huge acclaim, similarly it is expected that iPhone would also find a place in customer’s heart.


19 Insane Predictions about Doomsday That Were Bogus

Every other year or month, doomsday is predicted and turns out to be nothing. It has become very common these days to hear the news about doomsday, when the existence on earth would vanish like anything.

19 Predictions-about Doomsday

But, obviously, we all know that all such predictions were completely bogus. Nothing turned up as predicted. Such predictions are not just one; rather 19 times, such predictions have been claimed:

1. Prediction by eBible Fellowship

Recently, it was predicted Christian group the eBible Fellowship that October 7 is the last day off the world. Luckily, it didn’t happen.

2. Mayan Apocalypse

December 21, 2012 was regarded as the final date of doomsday. It was the year of beliefs when it was predicted that either on or around December 21, 2012, the doomsday would occur. According to the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, this day was the last day.

3. Blood Moon

It was estimated that on 28th September, 2015, the moon would change its color and become a blood moon, as a sign of destruction.

4. Pat Robertson Prediction

Pat Robertson is known as a former Southern Baptist minister. He estimated that the world would end in 1982.

19 Predictions about Doomsday

5. Comet Elenin

The prediction of Comet Elenin striking earth feared the people about the earthquakes and other natural disasters. It was predicted to collide with earth on 16th of October, 2011.

6. Nibiru collision

Nibiru collision was predicted in May 2003. Nancy Leider prophesied that aliens sent her a message about a planet entering the solar system. It was then estimated that humanity would be destroyed. Obviously, this wasn’t true, but, these days it has been found that life is possible on Mars.

Predictions about Doomsday

7. Harold Camping’s Prediction

Harold Camping predicted the end of the world on 21st may, 2011.

8. Y2K Bug

According to Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, two Christian authors, Y2K bug would activate the global economic chaos.

9. Criswell Prophesy

It was predicted by Jeron Criswell Konig, an author, that all metal would be turned into rubber. He also predicted the doomsday on Aug. 18, 1999.

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10. Woman of the Apocalypse

Joanna Southcott (1750 born) was a normal woman until she declared herself as the Woman of the Apocalypse. She proclaimed that she would be giving birth to Messiah on 19th of October, 1814. But, the event didn’t happened and she died soon afterwards.

11. Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, in 1980s, prophesied a nuclear attack on the United States. Her followers at that time stockpiled necessary stuff to prepare against the destruction.

19 Prediction about Doomsday

12. Peter Olivi Prediction

Peter Olivi was born in 1248 in France. He forecasted that the doomsday would occur around 2000.

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13. Grigori Rasputin Prophesy

He predicted the destruction of life on Aug. 23, 2013 and also forecasted the return of Jesus Christ to help those in anguish.

14. Ronal Weinland

Ronal Weinland was also among those who predicted about the return of Jesus Christ. According to him, Christ would return on May 27, 2012 and the world would also be destructed on the same day.

15. Nuwaubian Nation

A religious organization, named as Nuwaubian Nation or movement, was established in New York in 1960s. The organization forecasted that on May 5, 2000, the planets in the solar system would be pulled towards the sun.

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16. Tynnetta Muhammad prediction

Tynnetta Muhammad predicted the last judgment day in 2001. The destruction of World Trade Center in 2001 was stated as a proof for her predictions.

17. Yisrayl Hawkins Prophecy

A number of apocalypse predictions were made by Yisrayl Hawkins. June 12, 2008 was also predicted as a doomsday by him.

18. Aum Shinrikyo Forecast

Based around a war between US and Japan, sometime in 1997, Aum Shinrikyo forecasted an apocalypse.

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19. James Ussher’s Prophesy

He predicted the end of life on earth on Oct. 23, 1997.

So, it is evident that the predictions for the doomsday is prevalent in the world, since a long time.


क्या 28 सितम्बर को ख़त्म हो जाएगी पूरी दुनिया?

दो अमरीकी ईसाई संतों ने यह भविष्यवाणी की है कि 28 सितम्बर को पूरी दुनिया ख़त्म होने की कगार पर होगी। इन संतों के अनुसार 28 सितम्बर को चंद्रमा पूरी तरह से लाल हो जाएगा जो एक संकेत होगा विनाश का।

Blood Moon’ End The World On 28th September

माना जा रहा है कि पिछले साल के अप्रैल से अब तक चंद्रमा चार बार लाल हो चुका है और 28 तारीक को पूरी तरह लाल होने के बाद भयानक भूकंप और उल्का पिंडों के गिरने की आशंका बढ़ जाएगी।

उन अमरीकी ईसाई संतों के अनुसार यह वो समय होगा जब अरब देशों में युद्ध की स्थिति पैदा होगी और भूकंप के झटके होंगे।

[ जानिये: क्या विभीषण की नाकामी के कारण हुआ था श्रीराम- रावण युद्ध? ]

इन संतों का कहना है कि यह समाय ईसा मसीह के धरती पर आने की सूचना देगा।

Blood Moon’ End The World On 28th September 1

इन अमरीकी ईसाई संतों का नाम मार्क ब्लिज्ट और जॉन हेगी है और इनका दावा है कि 2000 साल में एक बार चाँद का रंग लाल हो जाता है।

उनकी इस भविष्यवाणी ने कारण अमरीकी लोगों में बहुत बेचैनी पैदा ही चुकी इसलिए इसकी गंभीरता को देखते हुए, इन दोनों संतों को अमरीकी पुलिस ने हिरासत में लिया है।

[ जरुर पढ़ें: दिल थाम कर पढ़े ताजमहल की कुछ अनसुनी अनकही बातें ]

जब 1948 में ‘ब्लड मून’ की स्थिति बनी थी, तब इजरायल का जन्म हुआ था और इस साल भी ‘ब्लड मून’ पैगंबर की वापसी ला सकता है, ऐसा दावा है इन दोनों संतो का।

कईं विभिन्न ब्लॉग और साइट पर दुनिया खत्म होने की अटकले 22 से 28 सितंबर के बीच लगाई जा रही है।

सोशल मीडिया में भी इस पर काफी चर्चा हो रही है।

हालांकि नासा ने साफ़ इंकार किया है किसी भी अनहोनी से।

नासा के मुताबिक पृथ्वी पर अगले कई सौ सालों तक इस तरह की कोई भी अनहोनी या आपदा होने की संभावना नहीं है।

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