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RBI and Others Launched a Smartphone App for Easy Payments

RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and other banks have launched a smartphone app for easy payments. Known as Unified Payments Interface, this app will make the money transactions (below Rs. 1 lakh) easier. Further, it is said that using this app is also very convenient, both for regular transactions and paying money to someone.

Smartphone Apps for easy payments

In case, you need to pay money to someone, you will just need the receiver’s unique ID. After this, you money will be sent in just 4 simple steps:

1. Open the app
2. Provide the amount that is to be paid
3. Add the receiver’s ID
4. Select send

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Finally, you’ll be asked for a mobile pin. This is simply to authenticate the payment.

Thus, without any IFSC code, you can transfer money from your account to other’s account.

Here is how you can use this app:

• You must have a smart phone plus a bank account.
• Open playstore and download the bank’s UPI app.
• Link the bank account
• Unique ID creation
• Mobile pin Generation
• Link Aadhaar number

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As per the reports, only 10 banks are involved in this. However, sources suggest that few banks may join in future.

Additionally, you can use any bank’s system. You do not need to have an account with a particular bank to use this app.


India to Witness the Exit of a Foreign Private Bank Soon

The private foreign bank, HSBC, is soon going to exit from its banking business from India (according to reports).

According to a spokesperson, the operations of HSBC might soon be closed in India. This is a part of the HSBC group strategy for a sustainable growth.

Exit of a Foreign Private Bank Soon

It was said that although the economy of India is growing at rapid pace, yet it did not offered great profits to the wealth managers who are responsible for managing big teams of professional bankers.

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HSBC spokesperson Mumbai, said that the clients would be given the choice of moving to the HSBC premier. HSBC premier is the global platform for wealth management and retail banking.

According to reports, the bank in India employs nearly 32000 people for managing the retail, investment and corporate banking services.

On the other hand, the sources from wealth management industry said that HSBC was not among the top three players. Thus, the competition was increasing for the bank.

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This decision by the bank to exit from the banking business in India has arrived at a time when the wealth managers in India are putting all their efforts to hiring more staff and gain higher revenues by expanding in smaller cities.


अब हर दूसरे व चौथे शनिवार को बैंक कर्मचारियों का रहेगा अवकाश

अब से पहली सितंबर से सभी सरकारी बैंकों में दूसरे अथवा चौथे शनिवार को बैंक कर्मियों का अवकाश रहेगा। काफी लंबे समय से बैंक कर्मियों की अवकाश संबंधी मांग चली आ रही थी। पर अब वह पूरी हो गई है। दूसरे और चौथे शनिवार को अवकाश रहेगा पर पहले और तीसरे शनिवार को बैंक कर्मचारियों को पूरा दिन काम करना होगा। वित्त मंत्रालय ने इस विषय में अधिसूचना भी जारी कर दी है। यह जानकारी ऑल इंडिया बैंक इम्प्लाईज एसोसिएशन एवं यूनाइटेड फोरम ऑफ बैंक यूनियंस की ओर से दी गई है।

Goverment Bank remain off on satuday and sunday

फिलहाल निजी और सरकारी बैंकों में शनिवार को हाफ डे रहता है। इसलिए आम लोगों से जुड़ा कोई भी कार्य आधे दिन के बाद नहीं होते हैं। इस नए नियम के तहत, अगर महीने में पांचवां शनिवार पड़ेगा तो भी भी बैंकों में पूरा दिन कार्य होगा। देश भर में सार्वजनिक बैंकों में लगभग 10 लाख कर्मचारी कार्यरत हैं।