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Sleep for 7 Hours in Your Office and Earn $300 Per Year

Do you know you can now earn $300 per year for simply sleeping for 7 hours or more at the workplace? Well, it has become a reality for the employees working in a US firm that is highly concerned about the adverse effects of sleep deprivation on the performance of their employees.

The staff at Aetna has been provided with a scheme that allows them to sleep for a minimum of seven hours every night.

The staff that would be participating in it would be rewarded and can earn a maximum limit of $300 every 12 months. For every 20 nights, the employees will be rewarded with $25.

But, for this, they will have to enjoy a sound sleep for seven hours or more.

Reports say that this scheme was introduced in 2009. Nearly 12,000 out of 25,000 employees working in the firm participated in this scheme last year.

Staff can either manually record their sleeping duration per night or record it automatically via wrist monitor. The wrist monitor will be connected to Aetna’s computers.

Reports show that this commitment by the company to let the employees have a sound sleep comes after analyzing several studies that say sleep deprivation can result into lesser productivity. It decreases the ability of an employee to do his job.

It seems that this move by the company may certainly help the staff to come across healthy behaviours.

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Machine Translation Can Bring Businesses in Jeopardy: Report

Recent reports suggest that machine or automatic translation can bring businesses in a state of jeopardy. This is possible due to the poor quality of translations that the translation software delivers.

Many instances of poor translations have been seen that often becomes a joke. But, some translations can be very offensive for the target audience, making the businesses to lose their business and customers.

Although, the reports continue to describe that the natural language processing and machine learning will soon become error-free, yet it can’t be said that for how long the businesses will have to wait for it.

Hence, it is better to opt for native language translation by native translators; rather than using the auto translation.

Reports further say that the example of obscene translation was seen with the real-time translation software launched by Skype.

In January, Skype launched voice call translation in seven languages. On one occasion, it was found that the Mandarin words turned into obscenities.

This was actually spotted by a photographer who was shooting a commercial for Skype in China. The photographer was using the software for communicating with the people in Mandarin language.

The simple phrase ‘It’s nice to talk to you’ got translated into offensive stream of swear words.

This was one of the many instances that people may face due to the faulty translation by the auto translation software.

Thus, human translation is considered to be better than machine translation, as the translators have the language knowledge, dialect knowledge and the ability to generate translation in proper target language.

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