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New Porsche 911 Series Makes a Rockstar Entry in India

Porsche, the famed German sports car maker has made a rockstar entry in India with new models under the 911 brand. The new series launched includes the 911 Turbo, 911 Carrera S, 911 Turbo S Cabriolet and 911 Carrera Cabriolet.

The starting price of these luxury car models is said to be Rs 1.42 crore and it may go up till Rs 2.81 crore.

Reports say that Porsche may launch two more showrooms at Hyderabad and Chennai in the coming months. This will help the company in boosting its presence in India.

In the new Carrera models, you may find a new engine generation with bi-turbo charging. Besides this, the models feature a fuel reduction up to 1 litre for every 100 km.

The Carrera S delivers 420hp.

According to Porsche India Director, the new models are 12% more fuel efficient than the previous ones. Further, it is said to be the 8th generation of the models under the 911 brand.

There is a huge range of model variants in new 911 series that includes cabriolet and coupe with completely new turbocharged power units.

The company, at present, has 6 showrooms in India – Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kochi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru.

The portfolio of Porsche’s luxury sports cars in India includes Boxter, Cayman, Panamera, 911, Macan and Cayenne.

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Kwid, Scorpio, Celerio and Others Fail the NCAP Crash Test

Results of the global NCAP Crash Test are now revealed. This test was performed on five models – Maruti Suzuki Eeco, Hyundai Eon, Renault Kwid, Maruti Suzuki Celerio and Mahindra Scorpio – all of them failed the test.

Kwid, Scorpio, Celerio and Others Fail the NCAP Crash Test

According to reports, these cars have scored zero star rating. Tests show low levels in adult occupant protection.

Here are the results:

1. Maruti Suzuki Eeco

As far as child occupant protection is concerned, this car scored one star; But, zero star in adult occupant protection. The poor performance in adult occupant protection can be justified by lack of airbags and structure collapse in the passenger compartment.

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2. Renault Kwid

Standard version of Kwid was tested for the test. The standard version had no airbags. In this car also, the structure collapsed. It scored two stars in child and zero stars in adult occupant protection.

Talking about the new Kwid, it was rated as two stars in child and zero stars in adult occupant protection. The structure didn’t collapsed, but, it was considered as unstable.

3. Hyundai Eon

Hyundai Eon’s results also remained the same – zero stars in adult occupant protection, two stars in child occupant protection, lack of airbags and unstable structure.

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4. Mahindra Scorpio

Lack of airbags and collapsed structure shows a high probability of dangerous injuries. As far as the rating is concerned, it is also same as above – zero stars in adult and two stars in child occupant protection.

5. Maruti Suzuki Celerio

This car scored only one star in child and zero stars in adult occupant protection. This car also had lack of airbags facility.

This test is certainly valuable for those searching for a new car.


5 Bizarre Mistakes You Do While Purchasing a Car

There are several bizarre mistakes you do while purchasing a car. On a general basis, the car buyers unknowingly commit certain mistakes that impact their car buying decision adversely. In short, people result into buying a wrong car.

avoid mistakes while purchasing new car

So, here are some mistakes that you must avoid:

1. Not Going Out For a Test Drive

A proper test drive is really important to undertake. If you feel that studying or researching about the car is enough to buy the car, then you are totally wrong. Doing a homework is good; but you must test drive it to analyze the spacing, smooth driving and other matters.

2. Wrong Decision about Petrol or Diesel Version

Some people also remain confused about the petrol or diesel. Well, this is totally an individual’s decision to buy petrol version or diesel version. Generally, a diesel car costs more than its equivalent in the petrol version. The gasoline electric cars are also getting famous these days. So, you have a look on that too.

3. Buying What You See First

Many people commit this mistake of buying the first car that they see. Something what looks good at first sight, may or may not be the right fit for you. Hence, look at the other models too.

4. Neglecting Research on Finance Deals

Before going out in the market, it is important to research over varied finance deals. So, pull up your socks and search different deals on the internet.

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5. Considering Low Mileage as Good

If you are buying a used car and thinking that it is good on low mileage, then you are mistaken. You need not to may more on a used car, just for its low mileage.

Hence, when you visit an automobile store, it is important that you must not commit mistakes that can incur in losses.


IRDA Announces Hike in the Insurance Premium Rates of Vehicles

IRDA has announced hike in the insurance premium rates of vehicles for 2016-17. According to reports, the increase in the premium for hi-end cars would be around 25% and that for the regular cars would be around 40%. Not just this, the premium rate for two-wheelers has also increased by almost 25%.

insurance premium rates hign on Vehicles

This means that the cars above 1500cc would be charged an extra 25%, while the owners with cars below 1500cc would pay 40% extra.

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Talking about the Premium on two-wheelers, it has increased by 9.6% for those having engine capacity below 75cc. On the other hand, for the vehicles ranging between 75cc – 150cc; it has gone up by 15%.

The premium rates have been reduced by almost 10% for the bikes that have engine capacity above 350cc.

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For public goods-carriers (that weigh less than 12,000kg), there would be no increase in the premium rate.

The premium rate is increased by 3.2% for auto rickshaws. This does not include the e-carts.

Hence, it is important for the vehicle owners to be aware of the new premium rates on the vehicles.


New Mercedes-Benz S Class to Hit the Indian Roads Very Soon

The new Mercedes-Benz S class will soon to hit the Indian Roads. The S 400 is a new member in the S class range of the Mercedes brand. According to reports, it would be launched in India on March 29.

soon Mercedes-Benz S Class Hit Indian Roads

This car is said to be launched in the petrol version. Hence, it is considered as another addition to the petrol version of cars, just like the S500 that comes with V8 petrol engine. If you are looking for luxury car in petrol version, then this S 400 is the ideal car for you.

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Further, since, the announcement of its launching date in India, this car is being compared to other cars in the S class range.

A number of changes have been observed. However, the major attribute that differentiates the S 400 from several other S class cars, is 3-litre, V6 turbo engine. It develops 480Nm of torque and 330bhp.

This car is great on space, maximum comfort, quality in the cabin, rear wheel drive and air-suspension.

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On an international level, this car is sold as a hybrid car. However, there are no specific plans to launch this trim in India.

According to reports, the (ex-showroom) price of the car might be somewhere around Rs 1.3 crore.