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Paytm to Add 6 Regional Languages for Seller Assistance

Reports suggest that Paytm is planning to add 6 regional languages for seller assistance and consolidating the ecommerce, seller marketplace and digital payments platform.

It is said that the local languages will help the sellers in documentation, cataloguing and loan applications.

The end-to-end seller services worked pretty well for the Flipkart and ShopClues, which launched Seller Hub and Merchant Central programme respectively.

This helped the companies to provide information to their sellers and that too in their local languages.

Talking about Paytm; the vice-president of Paytm said that they are working on the language translations in-house.

He further adds that with such a platform for regional languages, the sellers would be able to manage orders and inventory, grab payment details and even add new products in the regional language app.

Almost 20% adoption has been noticed for the regional language app that is presently available in Hindi language. In the coming future, more regional languages will be added up.

Reports say that the marketplace has joined hands with almost 150 seller services providers. This move aims at creating a centralised system for assisting the sellers.

The seller app in Hindi is reported to have 40,000 monthly active users.

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Punjabi Translation Services in Delhi Dubai India UAE NCR

Get exceptional quality Punjabi Translation Services in Delhi NCR India UAE Dubai by Reputed Punjabi Translation Agency with Native Translators, ISO Certified, 100% quality and stratification. Since years, we are providing effective translation into Punjabi from varied foreign or Indian languages and vice versa. Further, our team of Punjabi translators specializes in different areas. So, whether you require legal, technical, medical or any type of translation, our respective teams can offer you the same within proposed time frame. Before delivering the translated output to clients’ end, it is first checked over different quality parameters. Only after confirming the quality, it is further sent to the client within time bracket.

Punjabi Translation Company in India Delhi UAE

Features of Punjabi Language

  • Punjabi language constitutes over 102 million speakers all over the world.
  • The Punjabis in India and Pakistan speak this language as their native language.
  • Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi are the two forms in which Punjabi is written.
  • Almost 30 million people in India speak this language as their first, second or third language.
  • More than 50% of the Bollywood songs that are at the top in the charts are sung in Punjabi language.

Importance of Punjabi Language

• India

Punjabi is one of the languages spoken India. Thus, the importance of this language is obviously very high in different sectors, industries and day to day life. In the entertainment industry, this language is hugely demanded. Whether it is entertainment or academics, this language is used and demanded greatly in India.


Punjabi is the 10th language that is highly spoken around the world. Thus, in UAE also, this language has prime importance. There are a number of Punjabis who live in UAE at present. Thus, if you are dealing with a Punjabi client in UAE, then this language is highly necessitated. For this, you will have to resort to translation services in Punjabi language.

Scope of Punjabi Translation Services

1. Legal Translation

Legal translation requires polished sense about the industry. Without experience, one cannot judge the complexities in translation. Our team is experienced in legal translation and thus delivers an authentic output of translation. We translate all types of legal documents.

2. Certificate Translation

When you are with TridIndia family, you can ask for any type of certificate translation. We translate all types of certificates from Punjabi into language and vice versa. You can be rest assured about the quality of translation, as for us, quality is the foundation stone.

3. Literature Translation

If you wish any prose or poetry translated into/from Punjabi, then you can always count on us. In different books, magazines etc, a variety of literature art form are translated. So, we translate all kinds of novels, poems, short stories, plays and others.

4. Website Translation

We also translate websites into/from Punjabi language, keeping in mind all the cultural factors. We make sure that the website is not just translated; rather it is localized, so that it creates a good impression among the target audience. Further, our global Punjabi language translation company provides the translated text in numerous formats as per your specifications.

Quality Assurance

The output translated at our end is checked over different parameters. Also, a senior translator also reviews the translated text before the delivery of assignment at clients’ end. Further, our translations are ISO certified and CRISIL rated. Hence, you do not need to worry about the translation quality, as we deliver only quality and just quality..!!

Punjabi Language Translation Services offered by TridIndia

– Translation English to Punjabi in Delhi

– Translation Punjabi to English in Delhi

– Punjabi translation Services in Delhi

– Punjabi Translator in Delhi

– Punjabi Translation in Delhi

– Punjabi to English Translation in Delhi

– English to Punjabi Translation in Delhi

– English to Punjabi Translator in Delhi

– Punjabi to English Translator in Delhi

– Punjabi Translation Agency in Delhi

– Punjabi Translation Company in Delhi

– English to Punjabi localization Services in Delhi

We will be pleased to hear from You — Request a Quotetridindia contact



Bengali Translation Services Agency/ Company Delhi India UAE

We are a trusted Bengali Translation Services Agency/ Company Delhi India UAE and various other countries whose main aim is to deliver quality and authentic translation to its worldwide clients. We believe that to shine in translation industry, it is important to set few parameters as your major pillars and that are quality, timely delivery, native translators, domain expertise and budgetary constraints. Hence, since our foundation, we have been working for our clients, keeping the above mentioned pillars strong. One of the major languages that we deal in is Bengali. This language has a wide scope, thus, the translation is heavily demanded.

Bengali Translation Company in India Delhi UAE

Beguiling Facts about Bengali Language

  • This language is spoken in West Bengal, Bangladesh, South Assam and Tripura.
  • Shadhu-bhasha and Cholitobhasha are known as the styles of writing the language.
  • There are almost 300 million people who speak Bengali language all over the world.
  • Bengali spoken in West Bengal and Bangladesh differs in terms of their in phonetics, usage and accent.
  • The history of Bengali language is known for the distinct periods, i.e Old Bengali, Middle Bengali and Modern Bengali.

Significance of Bengali Language


Bengali language is widely spoken in India. Many Bengalis live in different states of India and operate business there. You may find different institutions that are run by Bengalis or where Bengali is taught. The language is very important in India, specifically if you are dealing with a Bengali entrepreneur.


There are various Bengali TV channels that are broadcasted in UAE. Thus, it is for sure that in UAE, there is a considerable chunk of population that understands and speaks Bengali. Hence, the translation is also important for coordinating with Bengali clients.

Huge Scope of Bengali Translation

As a trusted Bengali translation company, we offer quality translation in varied sectors, including the following:

1. Technical Translation

This specialized translation requires precise knowledge about the technical domain. Hence, our team of technical Bengali translators keeps in mind all the quality parameters that help in flawless translation delivery. We translate all types of CAD drawings, manuals and engineering specifications.

2. Certificate Translation

Certificates highly need to be translated when you have to show them in a non-native country. Hence, whether you are going to a foreign country for study or just for travelling, you will need to get your certificates translate, keeping the authenticity intact.

3. Legal Translation

Serving different types of legal areas, such as corporate litigation, mergers and acquisitions, patent litigation and more, we have emerged as a well-known legal translation service provider, based in India. To meet your requirements, our team puts in all their expertise to come up with quality and authenticity.

4. Medical Translation

We even deal with the medical sector and provide quality translation for all types of documents that are used in this sector. We make sure that the medical terminologies are used in their best possible manner. Also, it is assured that the exact meaning in the source text is reflected in the translated version too.

Taste the Experience of Quality Satisfaction

Give us a try for translation and experience the taste of quality satisfaction. Once, you are associated with us we can assure that you will be associated with us for the years to come. Thus, at TridIndia, you can understand the level of quality, authenticity rendered from our our expert translation services in Bengali. We can guide you at every step of translation.

We will be pleased to hear from You — Request a Quotetridindia contact

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Urdu Translation Services in Delhi Dubai India UAE NCR

Get exceptional quality Urdu Translation Services in Delhi NCR India UAE Dubai by Reputed Urdu Translation Agency with Native Translators, ISO Certified, 100% quality and stratification. We have always given high priority to quality and timely delivery. In the global age of today, it has become very important to reach out to multilingual audience. Thus, translation plays a very critical role in that. No matter, it is the first step of your firm to start the global operations, or you are already a global firm; you will need translations at every moment of your professional life. Hence, with a team of Urdu translators, we are here to help you out for translating Urdu into any Indian or foreign language and vice versa.

Urdu Translation Company in India Delhi UAE NCR

Here are some great features of the said language.

Notable Facts of Urdu Language

  • Known as the national language of Pakistan, Urdu is among those official languages that are recognized in the Indian constitution.
  • There are almost 65 million Urdu native speakers, as per a survey in 2007.
  • It is mutually intelligible with the Hindi language.
  • Urdu is categorized on its less formal and more formal levels that are known as rek̤h̤tah and zabān-i Urdū-yi muʿallá respectively.
  • Urdu has a diverse writing system that follows Kaithi, Urdu, Roman and Devanagari script.

Importance of Urdu

1- India

In India, Urdu is widely used and known to people. Many people in India even know how to read and write Urdu. Thus, this is a popular language in India and widely used in prose and poetry. With such scope, the need of translation also becomes evident.

2- UAE

Arabic is the official language in UAE. But, Urdu along with others is considered as a second language. A number of Urdu speaking people live in UAE. Hence, Urdu is quite used there. Thus, it leaves no doubt, why translation in Urdu language is needed in the UAE.

Scope of Urdu Translation Services

The translation is demanded in different industries and sectors. Thus, the scope of this translation is commendably wide. Hence, we offer assistance in:

1. Medical Translation

Our translators are well versed with different medical terminologies and jargons, thus they aim at delivering qualitative translated versions of the original text. We understand the need of authenticity in medical translation. Thus, we make sure that the original document is translated to represent the exact meaning of the original text.

2. Certificates

We also excel in translating different types of certificates. No matter, it is your immigration documents, adoption certificate or any other certificate; our team can translate any type of certificate with utmost ease.

3. Legal Translation

Legal translation requires great knowledge of the industry. Hence, each one of our legal translators is experienced about the industry. Further, our team is well aware about all the complexities of legal translation, along with the specific terms.

4. Tourism Translation

Translation is very essential in the tourism sector. Thus, when it comes to attracting and reaching multilingual audience, then Urdu travel translation becomes very important. Hence, our team can assist you in this regard as well.

And so on..!!

Home Of Quality and Authenticity

With a dexterous team of translators, we can proudly confess that our company is a home of quality and authenticity. Since years, our team has delivered excellence and only excellence. Hence, with any type of translation, you can always trust us and our expertise. Contact us and be a part of excellence.

Urdu Language Translation Services offered by TridIndia

– Translation English to Urdu in Delhi

– Translation Urdu to English in Delhi

– Urdu translation Services in Delhi

– Urdu Translator in Delhi

– Urdu Translation in Delhi

– Urdu to English Translation in Delhi

– English to Urdu Translation in Delhi

– English to Urdu Translator in Delhi

– Urdu to English Translator in Delhi

– Urdu Translation Agency in Delhi

– Urdu Translation Company in Delhi

– English to Urdu localization Services in Delhi

We will be pleased to hear from You — Request a Quotetridindia contact



Urdu Translation Services in Italy France Brazil Russia

Backed by certified Urdu Translators, TridIndia offers supreme grade Urdu Translation Services in Italy France Brazil Russia, and various location across the globe. The world now, is marching towards becoming a global community. Therefore in order to initiate an effective communication between marketers and their respective target audiences, a complete know-how of multiple language backgrounds is also necessary. Our team is well-versed with all the latest terminology, jargons and grammatical elements of a language, belonging to their respective field. Thus, it becomes evident that we provide the most accurate and authentic translation services within specified deadlines.

Urdu Translation Services

Scope of Urdu Translation Services

Translation Services in Urdu are of paramount relevance for a large number of marketers dealing with national and international clients. While dealing with international clients residing in Italy, France, Brazil or Russia, certain key factors must be considered, prior to the translation of documents. The factors are as follows:-


• Italy

italyThe Italian alphabet comprises of 21 letters of English (excluding J, K, W, X, and Y). The dialects used in Italian are also different from the standard form. Thus, to ensure a flawless translation from Urdu to Italian and vice versa, such parameters should be taken care of.


• France

franceIn grammatical context, French language still employs the simple past form (le passé simple) that has not been used in the speech for around 200 years. Keeping this in view, our expert native linguists translate the projects with utmost proficiency.


• Brazil

brazilPortuguese (a Brazilian language), follows national rules of accentuation and spelling that keep revising from time to time for simplification. Thus, our team keeps their knowledge updated and render the services without any chances of error.


• Russia

russiaWritten using Cyrillic alphabet, Russian has an interesting fact, about itself that almost all words can be pronounced as they are written, unlike English. Our translators put-in all their knowledge and efforts to communicate the message effectively as in the original text.


Wide Range of Our Business Expertise

In order to ensure that the translation process runs smooth and efficiently, our skilled translators work in close co-ordination with all the valuable clients to meet their specific requirements. Specializing in a number of disciplines, we serve some of the top corporate and government agencies all over the world. Some of our expertise areas are listed below:-

• Translation For Medical Documents
• Multicultural Marketing Translation
• Multilingual DTP Translation
• Legal Translation
• Mobile App Translation
• Digital Marketing Translation
• Translation In Oil And Gas Industry
• Translation For Leaflets
• Software Translation
• Translation For Technical Documents
• Financial Document Translation
• Website Translation and so forth

Facilitating Complementary Relationships around the Globe

TridIndia aims at facilitating mutually beneficial relationships with its clients all over the world. Serving the industry since the last 13 years, we have emerged as a trusted brand that is synonymous with promptness, quality, innovation and authenticity. Further, with our Urdu Translation Services, we endeavour to attain the highest standards of ethics, quality, client service and professionalism.

We will be pleased to hear from You — Request a Quotetridindia contact

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Hindi Translation Services in Italy France Brazil Russia

TridIndia offers premium Hindi Translation Services in Italy France Brazil Russia under the guidance of Hindi Translators, who posses tremendous expertise in translating one language to another. As a globally renowned entity, we emphasize on dedicated Project Management for ensuring excellent customer service. In order to assure the authenticity and flawlessness of our translation services, we follow a rigorous procedure of editing and proof-reading the translated document. Further, our skilled and talented native linguists are capable enough to deliver accurate translations in all types of documents such as, medical, technical, scientific, legal, certificates and so forth.

Hindi Translation services

Revealing Unknown Facts about Hindi Translation Services

There are certain unknown facts and elements in Hindi Translation Services that different from one country to another, i.e. while translating Hindi document into any foreign language and vice versa, there are certain terminologies, jargons and grammatical elements that need to be focussed before delivering the final translated document.


• Italy

italyItaly is considered to occupy 60% of the Worlds’ Art Heritage, i.e. many terms that are included in art and music are Italian. Thus, while translating Hindi to Italian or vice versa, it is advisable to translate the document in tandem with the genre and style of original text.


• France

franceFrench language translation requires that the usage of two grammatical genders and Latin script should not be hampered at any cost. As otherwise, the translated document would not convey the same message as is in the original text.


• Brazil

brazilAs one of the fastest growing economies, Brazil has a boom in various sectors such as infrastructure, agricultural and service sectors. Thus, before delivering the final translated document, one should be aware of all the language parameters.


• Russia

russiaRussian language follows Russian Braille and Cyrillic (Russian alphabet) for writing purposes. So, it is necessary that during the translation from Hindi to Russian or vice versa, these alphabets should be properly understood to portray the exact meaning in the translated text as in the original one.


Scope of Our Expertise

We have a wide scope of expertise in numerous fields. Some of our services are listed below:-

• Medical document translation
• Transcription
• Tourism and hospitality related translation
• Media translation
• Android app translation
• Multicultural marketing translation
• Legal translation
• Market research translation
• Translation in oil and gas industry
• Leaflets translation
• Software and Website translation
• CAD translation services
• Multilingual DTP translation
• Translation for technical translation documents
• Financial translation
• Literary translation
• Translation of user manuals
• Packaging translation

Proficient and Hardworking Team

Joining hands with the most experienced translators in the industry, we have emerged as the leading translation service provider in India and abroad. As we deal with a huge client base, we see to it that the sensitive information enclosed in the documents is maintained with utter confidentiality. Further, our team remains engaged in deriving perfect solutions for attaining client satisfaction.

Venture into New Segments and Markets

TridIndia offers its clients, a new and convenient way for connecting and dealing with their target audience in the international linguistic community. Through our authentic services, our clients can easily step into new segments of national as well as international market.

We will be pleased to hear from You — Request a Quotetridindia contact

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Urdu Translation Services in Germany Spain China Ukraine

With immense experience of providing Urdu Translation Services in Germany Spain China Ukraine, TridIndia has flourished as the most trusted provider of Translation Services in Urdu. With a devoted team of Urdu Translators, we deliver our translation assignments within stipulated time frame. Incorrect translations can disrupt effective communication, thus resulting in confusions and misunderstandings. In order to shun such circumstances, we deploy certain fruitful ways to end up giving an error-free and authentic translated content.

Urdu Translation Services

Unparallel Facts of Urdu Translation Services

With a huge client base, involving national and international clients, it becomes necessary to hire premium agency for flawless translation services. If you are dealing with clients in Germany, Spain, China and Ukraine, you need to be aware of certain points before translating documents. They are as follows:-


• Germany

germanAs Germany is one of the most technologically advanced civilizations of the world, therefore while translating Urdu into German and vice versa, the technical jargons should be taken care of.


• Spain

spainSpain offers the most profitable market for business units to expand globally. Thus, many countries all over the world target to flourish their business roots in Spain. Dealing with Spanish clients, require that the translation should be accurate in terms of grammar.


• China

chinaChinese language is full of local language varieties, i.e. the varieties in languages are tonal and analytic. Thus, while translating Chinese documents into Urdu or vice versa, such elements should be definitely considered.


• Ukraine

ukraineBeing a Slavic language, Ukrainian shares similar characteristics with nations such as Poland, Croatia and Russia. Thus, if you are collaborating with clients of Ukraine, then the language characteristics should be properly taken care of.


Premium Services Offered By Us

As we have a wide range of clients, ranging from national to international clients. In the same manner, our services also incorporate a wide scope that touches each and every sphere of life. Listed below are some of the areas that we specialize in:-

• Legal document translation
• Medical document translation
• Translation in tourism and hospitality sector
• Android app translation
• Market research translation
• Translation in oil and gas industry
• Media translation
• Certificate translation
• Multilingual Content writing
• Software and Website localization and translation
• CAD services and CAD translation services
• Multilingual DTP translation
• Technical translation
• Commercial project translation
• Scientific translation
• Financial translation
• Literary translation
• Tender document translation
• Transcription
• Manual translation
• Packaging translation
• Marketing material translation
• Leaflets translation and so on

Proficient, Dexterous and Experienced Translators

Ensuring effective communication is the most important element for conveying your messages clearly. In translation industry, conveying accurate messages to other party is the responsibility of native translators. Inexperience of translators can lead to huge business losses. Keeping this in mind, we have associated our firm with some of the most talented and certified translators who deliver the translation assignment within specified deadlines.

Transcending Linguistic Barriers

With flawless and authentic translation services, TridIndia guarantees to guide its valuable clients towards global expansion of their business roots. Since our clients deal with individuals from different backgrounds, therefore to ensure smooth functioning of their operations, they need accurate translation of relevant documents. Keeping this in view, we help our clients to transcending linguistic barriers through our error-free translation services.

We will be pleased to hear from You — Request a Quotetridindia contact

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Hindi Translation Services in Germany Spain China Ukraine

With premium Hindi Translation Services in Germany Spain China Ukraine, TridIndia has emerged as the most reliable provider of Translation Services in Hindi. We have on board with us, certified Hindi Translators who possess more than 10 years of experience in translating one language to another. In this globalization era, most companies wish to expand their business roots into multiple regions of Germany, Spain, China and Ukraine. In order to be successful, they will require a number of multilingual translations for informational and promotional materials. Keeping this in view, our adroit linguists translate ‘n’ number of business related documents within stipulated period of time.

Hindi Translation services


Notable Features of Hindi Translation Services

Translation Services in Hindi are of paramount importance to several business units in India as well as abroad. For an entrepreneur dealing with national and international clients, it is necessary to translate important documents into native language for clear understanding. The following points indicate the importance of Hindi translation services in:-


• Germany

germanAs a quality-oriented country, Germany pays a lot of care to quality publications and terminology accuracy. Thus, while translating a German document into Hindi or vice versa, the use of technical jargons and terminology should be taken utmost care of. Keeping this in mind, we render our services after completely reviewing the translated content, in order to avoid any kind of flaw.


• Spain

spainAs Spanish is the third most spoken language of the world, thus, it becomes even more important to undertake Spanish translation assignments with utmost care. Spain considers Hindi translation services as of prime concern because it helps them in marketing and internationalizing their services.


• China

china As one of the fastest growing economies, there are multitudes of Indian and foreign companies that wish to expand into the Chinese markets. Chinese language comprises of hundreds of local language varieties. Thus, while translating Chinese document into Hindi or vice versa, we undertake all measures to avoid any flaw or error in the translated content.


• Ukraine

ukraineUkrainian language is written using a Cyrillic alphabet that is different from English alphabets, thus the translations involving this language should be performed with utter proficiency. Since our translators understand this, therefore they deliver these translation projects with utmost accuracy and precision.


Our Wide area of Hindi translation Services are:

– Legal Translation
– Technical Translation
– Website and Software localization
– Media Translation
– Medical Translation
– IT & Technical Translation
– Oil and Gas Translation
– Documents & Certificates Translation
– Mobile and Android APP Translation
– Market Research Translation

Vivacious and Learned Team of Translators

Associated with a vivacious and learned team of native translators, we have established a brand image in the translation industry. Every time we receive a translation project, it is only due to our expert translators that we deliver the projects on time and with utmost accuracy and flawlessness. Further, the services provided by our translators, guarantee to help you progress on a global level.

3 Ps of Translation

TridIndia offers, 3 Ps of Translation (i.e. Precise, Prompt and Prolific) services to its global clients. As the world has turned into a global village, therefore translation is gradually becoming a necessary part of each and every sphere of life, including corporate, political and financial arena. In order to guide you the path towards ‘global success’, we ensure to render quality translations for your content.

We will be pleased to hear from You — Request a Quotetridindia contact

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Hindi Translation Services in Kolkata

TridIndia’s Professional Hindi Translators have been providing high quality Hindi Translation Services in Kolkata over the last 15 years. There is a large Hindi speaking market segment in India, whom marketers from all major cities of India, as well as abroad want to reach out to. Clear and efficient communication is possible only when people hindi tranaslation serivces in kolkataare familiar with each other’s language and cultural beliefs. The global translation industry aims at bridging this gap and connecting people, while TridIndia being India’s most reliable Translation Agency provides outstanding linguistic services in the Hindi Language.

Best Packages for Translation of Marketing Material in Hindi

As an online or offline business, you certainly allot a great deal of importance to your marketing content, which could be online in the form of blogs, articles, social media posts and website content, or printed offline on brochures, pamphlets, manuals and other direct marketing material. For most businesses that sell products, one comes across marketing efforts in the product packaging itself. Since most of these are composed and collated in a particular language, it becomes necessary to translate into other languages as well in order to maximize its reach. Herewith lies the great importance of TridIndia’s Hindi to English and English to Hindi Translation Services.

Sequence of Steps in our Premium Hindi Translation Services

High quality translation cannot be achieved by merely carrying out one round of translation. In order to provide you with complete value for money, TridIndia has a fixed work-sequence that is followed to the hilt for all our Hindi translation projects, the steps of which are outlined as follows:-

1. Primary Translation by Certified, Native Hindi Translator with over 10 years of experience in the relevant field of translation.

2. Secondary Process of Editing by the next Certified, Native Hindi Translator in the team who specializes in Editing of Primary Translations.

3. Tertiary Process of Proof Reading by a Third Native Hindi Proof Reading Expert.

4. Final Process of Formatting by a Technical Expert to ensure that the final format is exactly as required.

5. Overview of project and delivery by Project Manager.

Hindi to English (and vice versa) Translations in Kolkata

TridIndia is the best Hindi Translation Agency in Kolkata, and aims at fulfilling all your Hindi Language Requirements, that are not just limited to translation alone, but include Hindi transcription services, localization, voice-overs, sub-titling as well as Hindi Interpretation Services.

tridindia contact


Hindi Translation Services in Delhi NCR India UAE

Get exceptional quality Hindi Translation Services in Delhi NCR India UAE Dubai by Reputed Hindi Translation Company with Native Translators, ISO Certified, 100% quality and stratification. And our team of Hindi Linguists are not only professionally qualified and experienced, but are also native Hindi Speakers. The Hindi Language has a wide number of dialects and regional dialects, and we have specialized translation teams to suitably handle particular dialects and ensure that regional influences do not deter the quality of translation.

Hindi Translation Company in Delhi NCR India UAE

Geographical Variations in Hindi Language

Based on the geo-political zones constituting the Hindi Heartland or Hindi Belt of India, the regional variations of the Hindi Language can be classified as follows:-

• Pahari Hindi- spoken in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand
• Eastern Hindi- spoken in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand
• Western Hindi- spoken in Western Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh
• Rajasthani Hindi- spoken in Rajasthan and adjoining state borders
• Bihari Hindi- spoken in Bihar and adjoining zones of Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Nepal

Translation of Hindi Documents in Delhi-NCR

Whether it is the translation of documents from English to Hindi, or from Hindi to English, TridIndia’s Hindi Document Translation Services in Delhi NCR is outstanding in terms of being quality-oriented, time-saving and cost-efficient. Out professional linguists are highly capable of handling all your Hindi documents translation requirements, a few categories of which you can find here:-

• Immigration Documents Translation
• Travel Documents Translation
• Academic Document and Certificate Translation
• Certified Hindi Translation of Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Contracts, Bonds, Agreements, Licenses etc
• Hindi Translation of Legal Documents
• Games and Multimedia Translation
• Manufacturing Translation
• Pharmaceutical Translation
• Design and Advertising Translation
• Marketing Research Translation
• Automotive Translation

Hassle-Free Hindi Language Services across Delhi NCR

TridIndia brings you to a world where you no longer have to worry about project deadlines, translation errors or exorbitant prices. We provide guaranteed and certified translations at extremely reasonable prices, well-suited to your budgetary constraints. Our projects managers are available at your disposal round the clock and you can get in touch with them for all your queries and requirements. Having a one-point source of contact will keep you at pace with your project development and ensure that your experience with our high-end language services at any given point of time is hassle-free. Should you require to outsource any Hindi Language Translation, Interpretation or Transcription Requirements in Delhi-NCR, do get in touch with us!

Hindi Language Translation Services offered by TridIndia

  • Translation English to Hindi in Delhi
  • Translation Hindi to English in Delhi
  • Hindi translation Services in Delhi
  • Hindi Translator in Delhi
  • Hindi Translation in Delhi
  • Hindi to English Translation in Delhi
  • English to Hindi Translation in Delhi
  • English to Hindi Translator in Delhi
  • Hindi to English Translator in Delhi
  • Hindi Translation Agency in Delhi
  • Hindi Translation Company in Delhi
  • English to Hindi localization Services in Delhi

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