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Mind Blowing Updates and Facts about Apple iPhone SE Event

A special event is soon going to be launched, viz. Apple iPhone SE Event. As per reports, this event would take place on March 21, 2016. What this event holds for the customers is still a mystery, yet rumors about the updates of the event are certainly the hot topics.

Apple iPhone SE Event 1

It is rumored that a new 9.7-inch iPad Air 3, iPhone 5SE or iPhone SE would be launched at the event. Besides this, some updates in Apple Watch and MacBook are expected. Further it is being said that the iPhone SE might replace iPhone 5S.

The design of the new iPhone is considered to be similar to the 6 and 6s series. Moreover, it is expected to be launched with an upgraded hardware. The releasing date of iPhone 7 is also very near. So, it is definitely a lucrative time for the iPhone customers.

Apple iPhone SE Event

As far as the price is concerned, this phone is considered to be little cheaper than the other phones. Due to its cheaper rate, the sales of the phone are expected to significantly higher. The price is expected to range somewhere between $400-$500.

Further, this phone might have a 12 megapixel camera with 3D touch display. Some other features that are expected or rumoured are:

  • Faster A9 chipset
  • Support for Apple Pay
  • M9 co-processor
  • Siri

Coming to the iPad Air 3, this might be available with a smart keyboard. It is further expected that some new watch bands might be launched at the event. What the real picture would look like; would be cleared on March 21. Till then, customers can just wait for the most lucrative offers provided to them.


Now Transform Your iPhone or iPad into a Laser Spatial Ruler

It’s now time to transform your iPhone or iPad into a laser spatial ruler that will help you in determining the distance and size of any object. iPin has introduced a spatial ruler that can be easily inserted into the headphone jack of your iPhone and serve as a laser measuring device.

Turn Your iPhone Into a Laser Measure 2

For this, the users will have to download the app, plug the ruler into the phone with its business end towards the rear of the device.

To know the distance of the object, you will have to place the red dot at the object.

Though, much details are not available, this ruler big invention can be a great help and fun to use gadget.

Turn Your iPhone Into a Laser Measure

According to reports, this gadget will be available at cheaper rates and would use the mobile’s touchscreen for some functions.

Further, the app will help you in determining the size of the object. Whatever you’ll try to measure, this app will place some dots around it. This way you’ll be able to know the size.

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So, this ruler and its app will help you in your day to day routine as well. It might not be 100% correct or precise. But, to some extent, it can give you a basic idea about the distance and size.


Security Issues Haunt Apple’s App Store: Few Apps Withdrawn

Few applications have been withdrawn from apple’s app store due to some security concerns. Apple said that the security of the personal data of users would be at stake in some situations.

Security Issues Haunt Apple’s App Store

But, since, the company wishes to protect the users’ privacy, thus, it has removed few apps from the online store.

According to the company, the apps (by installing certificates) could expose the users’ personal data to monitoring by third parties. Thus, the apps were a threat to the security of the users.

There are a number of applications that make digital processes easier, but, if any of the apps hinders with the users’ security, then removing them is the ideal way out, just as the company did.

According to the sources, the company is working efficiently, in order to provide those apps back to the app store and assuring that there is no harm to the users’ privacy.

The number of apps that are removed is not specified. However, one of those apps was Been Choice. This app had the ability to block advertising in apps.

It is also reported that the company would be releasing a support page that would help users in discarding those apps from their devices.

Further, every user must keep tandem with few top iPhone antivirus apps that keeps them away from any unwanted access to their information.


Simple Tricks for iPhone Users to Download iOS 9

Apple has released iOS 9 for its iPad and iPhone devices.

Now the users are waiting to download it and enjoy the services.

iPhone Users to Download iOS 9

So, to update your iPad or iPhone, do the following:

If you have an iOS 8.4, then go to Settings> General menu and then click on Software Update.

There you will get the install buttons and download option.

Your device must have a minimum of 50% battery to update.

Your device can also be updated through iTunes. Before you go ahead with the update, it is recommended to back up your device.

Besides this update, the iPad and iPhone users will also be able to access the Apple news service.

With this update, iPad users will be able to open and work on two apps in 70:30 or 50:50 format.

But, it would be available only for the users of iPad Air 2.

Apple Maps will now get transit directions.

Google maps also give real time traffic update to users.

This Maps app by Apple would show ‘multi-modal routing’.

Other features

iPhones and iPads will now get additional battery life for 3 hours. It would be available through low power mode.

The users will also be able know if any store, restaurant etc supports Apple Pay.


First Ever Debut of iPhone 6S and iPad Pro at the Apple Event

The grand apple event in San Francisco finally unveiled the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

A new input feature has been launched on the iPhone 6S and 6S plus, i.e the 3D Touch (previously called Force Touch). Not just this, the phone also offers a number of shortcuts that will be helpful for the users to pull up for everyday tasks.

Debut of iPhone 6S, app tv, iPad Pro at the Apple Event

The iPhone 6S would operate on M9 coprocessor with 90% faster graphics. Users will now enjoy a 12 megapixels with 4K video photography.

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The prices would start from $199 for the 16 GB to $399 for 128 GB iPhone 6S. For the iPhone 6S Plus versions, the users will have to pay more $100.

The pre-order would begin from September 12 and the in-store sales would begin on September 25. The 6S would be available in rose gold, silver, space grey and gold variants.

Besides this launch, the new Apple news service has also created a buzz among the Apple fans.


Apple also announced its new iPad Pro, whose screen is 12.9 inches diagonally. It weighs almost 1.5 pounds. The company also announced a stylus with a new keyboard that will work together with tablet.

The cost of this iPad Pro would start from $799. The stylus, dubbed Apple Pencil, would cost you $99, while the keyboard will cost $169. All of these three products would be released for the public in November.

Recently, Twitter decided to unify its apps on iPad. So, this too was worthy for the iPhone and iPad lovers.


The apple TV is armed with a new operating system, i.e TV OS. It helps the users to search via Siri across HBO, iTunes, Showtime and Netflix.

The new Apple TV has a Bluetooth 4.0 remote, three-month charge capability, an updated processor, Lightning connector for recharging and TV and power controls.

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With 32 GB of flash storage, the device starts at $149 and with 64 GB it is available for $199.


Apple to Launch News Service on iPads and iPhones

Apple news service is soon going to be launched this month on iPads and iPhones. The company has partnered with more than 50 companies, including National Geographic and CNN, thereby representing various outlets.

Apple to Launch News Service for iphones and ipads

After triple bad news for iPhone 6s and 6s plus lovers, this news is certainly a fresh and a pleasant news for Apple users.

This news service is regarded as the part of free software update. Therefore, no downloading would be required.

Here are 4 amazing things that apple lovers will certainly prefer to read:

1. How It Would Work For You

You can start by choosing latest news topics, including ‘science’, ‘cooking’. You will get customized news feed. Simply by tapping on any topic, you will get the entire story. If you wish to search for stories, you can easily do that and even the option for liking and sharing stories is also available. Further, you can also read the news offline, by saving them.

2. What’s the Cost

This service is free of cost. The outlets which charge for online access, such as The New York Times are providing a selection of their top stories for free. This is a great sign for apple. Just like the increased shipment of apple watch, this service will also be loved by the users. Moreover, Apple has allowed ad-blocking technology in the Safari Web browser. The outlets get 70% for the ads that apple sells.

3. Privacy

Apple will keep track of what you read regularly. This would help in tailoring advertisement and making recommendations. Your reading habits will not be linked to other services, such as Music. If you wish, you can turn the ad targeting off and clear the entire reading history.

4. News Sources

A media analyst says that apple’s news service is a new way through which users will get the latest news, as there are other news sources such as Facebook’s Instant Articles, SnapChat’s Discover etc. apple says that users will not have to find for the news. They will get everything that they want to.

This service will surely help you experience a unique pleasure in reading your favorite topics and stories.

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