Miscellaneous Translation


User Manual Translation Services

TridIndia offer high quality Multilingual User Manual Translation Services in India UAE in preferred languages as per the customers’ necessities. We confirm that the instructive message is transported accurately, deprived of any misrepresentations and hold the custom information as in the original transcription. Our translated files are suitably prepared, revised and checked. One of the most common and highly published manuals is user manuals which are delivered to consumers with the depiction of factory-made products or apparatuses. A manual is the key element for every firm that acts as its elementary guide to comfort those who are purely trying to use a first-hand product or service.

Multilingual User Manual Translation Services

Increasing Importance of User Manual Translation Services

The enduring demand of products and growing usage of mechanisms in the market has formed a requirement for having such user manuals accessible in diverse languages that are straightforwardly understood by consumers from diverse nations. Therefore, we offer customers with exceptional translation services for user manuals. By means of translation of user manuals in diverse languages, you can benefit your product or service to be acknowledged by people of different areas. While translating a user manual, it is similarly significant to ensure the quality of translation so that the message does not becomes biased when interpreted from one language to another.

All Components of User Manual Covered

We translate all the components of user manuals that include:

  • Cover page
  • Contents page
  • Title page
  • Preface
  • Troubleshooting section
  • Help, and contact details section
  • Glossary

100% Accurate

We understand that the user manuals describe a step-by-step procedure to the users, thus, it should be absolutely correct, in order to avoid accidents or mishappenings with the user. Hence, our team ensures that the manuals are precisely translated and proof-read before the final delivery at clients’ end.

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Training Manual Translation Service

TridIndia understands that the Multilingual Training Manuals Translation Services India UAE generally demands a profound understanding of different topics and multiplicity of global languages to positively provide good training. We provide customers with first-rate quality translation services in Training Manual. We are supported by skilled translators involved in providing operative training manual translation to businesses and company which are by now functioning worldwide or are determined to reach international markets.

Multilingual Training Manuals Translation Services

Need of Training Manuals Translation

Translation of manuals in different languages extends the range for people looking for training in their inborn language. By means of business going international, the requirement for active communication and proficiency in further languages has augmented to a great level. In order to keep on motivating the staff it is important for businesses to grow moral training program however a lot of corporations face the language complications while setting up training events to make their personnel from diverse backgrounds comprehend the business decorum.

Types of Training Manuals

  • Work books
  • Job aids
  • Reference manuals
  • Self-paced guides
  • Handouts

Talented Team of Translators

Our translators owns the suitable understanding in the business area in which training needs to be offered and are also familiar with each and every language, which signifies that your manual is translated effectively and flawlessly.

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Technical Translation Services Agency in Delhi NCR India UAE

Owing to immense expertise of the domain, TridIndia has emerged as one of the leading Technical Translation Services Agency in Delhi NCR India UAE and various other countries. Technical translation basically deals with translating various documents related to practical areas of application in scientific and technological arenas. A high degree of subject knowledge, terminology and writing conventions are the major pre-requisites for translating technical documents. Thus, we have deployed some of the most proficient technical translators who are globally renowned for rendering effective and accurate translations over years.

Technical Translation Services


Need of Technical Translation

Need-of-Technical-TranslationIn today’s global world, technical translation has evolved as a necessity for all the firms that deals globally with various sectors such as sales, R&D and manufacturing. This marks the prevalence of technology and science in the world that enables the businesses to foster translation of technical documents. Therefore, technical translations are regarded as an important aspect for the fleeting success of your business.


Technical Translation and Culture

Technical Translation and Culture‘How specifically the cultural features are communicated during technical translation services; Most of the business firms remain occupied by this thought. Maintain tandem with the cultural implications is a precursor to undertake translation services. Different cultures exhibit drastic differences in the communication process. These differences lead to variance in tone differentiation, formatting document, writing strategies, and conceptual goals for engineering reports. Additionally, while communicating warnings or risk factors, one’s cultural knowledge base, determines the extent of effectiveness in communication. Hence, technical translations should be undertaken after attaining complete knowledge about the target culture.


Gaining Competitive Edge at TridIndia

Gaining Competitive EdgeTridIndia, the reputed technical translation agencies, has a number of professional technical translators who specializes in a wide range of areas, spanning from civil and mechanical engineering to advanced digital controls and graphics software. The appropriate use of technical jargons and linguistic features of translating the text into different languages makes the document easily accessible to a wider audience. We understand that incorrect translations may subject to lethal failure. Thus, we make sure that the technical papers are properly translated, proof-read and edited for a defect-free service delivery.


Types of Technical Documents That Determines Our Areas of Expertise

• Technical Drawings, Technical Patents, Technical Proposals, Technical Reports
• Response To RFPs, MSDS And Data Sheets, Bill Of Materials
• Marketing Materials, Plans, Multimedia Audio And Visuals,
• E-Learning, Presentations, Training Materials, Engineering Specifications
• Websites, Software And Hardware UI, Installation Manuals, Labels
• Safety Manuals, Catalogues, User Guides, Operating manuals

Delivering High Quality Output at Feasible Rates

Committing to provide technical translations even for large-scale and complex technical projects, we assure that the final translated document is delivered after a rigorous review and editing process. As we understand that even a slight inaccuracy in technical translation can result in serious consequences, thus, we are guided by adept translators who possess firm technical acquaintance and recognized work history.

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Product Manual Translation

We provide our customers first-rate Multilingual Product Manual Translation Services in India UAE that are an essential component for any product manufacturing company. TridIndia embraces of product manual translation professionals with the requisite language translation proficiency. TridIndia is an ISO-9001:2008 certified, CRISIL –rated Language Service Provider with an exclusive team of certified, native translators from Engineering background specializing in the multiple domains of technical manual translation, namely translation of a wide variety of technical documents including patents, specifications, data sheets, test method documents, manufacturing documents, Quad Charts, Safety and Operating Manuals etc. We have unmatched expertise in AutoCAD and Micro station drawings translation as well as translation of documents in MS Project Professional, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and PDF formats in over 50 languages.

Multilingual Product Manual Translation Services

Why to Opt For Product Manual Translation

In today’s international economy, businesses sell all merchandises and products either internationally or to consumers belonging to multicultural background. Thus, the need to translate the product manuals becomes more obvious. It is necessary to translate, in order to provide the user with complete info and applications of any specific product.

Types of Industries Served for Product Manuals

We serve a number of industries for translating product manuals, including:

  • Chemical industry
  • Mechanical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • IT industry
    And so forth

Assured Brilliance at Reasonable Rates

Our translators have the suitable understanding in the set field to ensure that the translated product handbooks aid you advertise your products efficiently to the target audience. We assist you deliver excellence in translated product booklets while proposing our translation services with the reasonable prices in the industry.

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Label & Packaging Translation Services

TridIndia Pvt. Ltd provides Multilingual Label & Packaging Translation Services India UAE amid all major Indian, Asian and European languages. TridIndia is an ISO-9001-2008 certified, CRISIL-rated Language Service Provider that specializes in providing reliable and accurate Label Translation Services at affordable rates. Whether it’s mobile care directions, a hazard warning, Drug Instruction, Booklets, Leaflet food cataloguing translation, or packaging for deodorant, we simply care our consumers, offering premium translation and a modified expert packaging translation service.

Multilingual Label & Packaging Translation Services

Significance of Label & Packaging Translation

Label and Packaging translation can have major influence on your trade, if you effectively translate and confine your tags and packaging, you will advance your appeal to consumers, and there are besides legal agreement matters with most types of labeling.

Types of Label & Packaging Translation

We offer Label & Packaging Translation for the following:

  • Medicinal Products
  • Medical Devices
  • Cosmetic Products
  • Food
  • Non-Isolated Intermediates
  • The Transport Of Dangerous Goods

And various other products

TridIndia localization services about packaging comprise all the activities mandatory to assure its precise circulation and relevance in terms of use, agreements, and procedures and protocols of the nation of purpose.

Global Success

Our premium Label Translation services enable your brand to transcend the language barrier in order to achieve global success, maintain consistency of service and uniformity of messages across borders and localize successfully to strike a chord with your target audience. Our effective label translation services ensure that all the necessary information gets communicated clearly and effectively.

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Leaflets Translation

TridIndia offers professional Multilingual Leaflets Translation Services in Delhi India UAE for businesses to accomplish customers equally internationally and at domestic level. We embrace of exceedingly competent and knowledgeable interpreters who major in translating all types of leaflets into multiple languages and layouts (as per your specifications).

Multilingual Leaflets Translation Services

Growing Need of Leaflets Translation

If you wish to target every corner and place of the nation and its publics, the understanding about the product has to be delivered in the native language. These days every single company is trying to target the natives in the rural regions as well where the demand for the products has been growing through the distribution of the information about the products which can be seriously boosted through leaflets in the native language.

Diverse Types of Leaflets

We embrace proficiency in translating diverse forms of leaflets such as:

  • Service Introduction
  • Posters
  • Booklets
  • Local Council
  • Labels
  • Medical
  • Brochures
  • Advertising

Conveying Precise Message Across

With the assistance of our leaflet translation services we are capable of conveying your message from corner to corner in all language that ultimately aids you gain contact with a bigger audience. Eventually, you reach to the customers at global as well as grass root level.

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Direct Marketing Material Translation

TridIndia guarantees to offer operative Multilingual Direct Marketing Material Translation Services in India UAE that includes translating all types of direct marketing material into your desired language. We have exceedingly proficient and expert professional translators who have the understanding of marketing ideas. Consequently, our translation services for direct marketing material deliver your concepts properly and to the completest degree imaginable in alternative language.

Direct Marketing Material Translation Services

Importance of Direct Marketing Material Translation

Direct marketing material plays a dynamic part when there is burden to upsurge business. In addition to make your clients trust your brand it is very significant that the marketing material play the preferred role of signifying the commencement of an enduring association with your clients proficiently.

Types of Direct Marketing Translation

Direct marketing services comes in three practices:

  • Direct mail,
  • Telemarketing,
  • Email marketing

Assured Satisfaction at Very Nominal Rates

We solely aim at comprehensive customer satisfaction. To accomplish this, we render supreme grade translation services for all kinds of direct marketing material. Not only this, the translated content is passed to the next level for checking the translated assignment on various quality parameters. Further, we offer our translation services at market-leading rates.

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Clinical Research Translation

Our major expertise in Multilingual Clinical Research Translation Services India UAE helps us to translate a number of clinical research papers. We offer timely and expert services at rational prices. We are into clinical translation ever since we started our business. We translate clinical research documents into over 100 universal languages, counting all the main languages of Asia, Europe and Middle East.

Clinical Research Translation Services

Why to Translate Clinical Research

Clinical research translation is essential at numerous phases in the passage of transporting a medicine to market, counting clinical research, governing tenders, trade, advertising and packaging. A huge and ever-rising percentage of clinical research is done in multinational hearings, and most medicines that are promoted, are manufactured overseas. Similarly, there is an enduring demand for translations of clinical research documents, particularly to assist marginal input in clinical trials.

Authentic Translation Delivered

We always aim to deliver authentic and error-free translation services to various organizations, such as:

  • Pharmaceutical firms
  • Clinical research establishments
  • Biotechnology establishments
  • Hospitals
  • Clinical academics
  • Producers of medicinal and clinical devices
  • Biotech corporations
  • Health care companies, etc.

100% Confidentiality

At TridIndia, we understand that the information in the translation assignment is very critical. Thus, we make sure that even a minute detail is not disclosed to any third person, thereby maintaining 100% confidentiality.

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Business Presentation Material Translation

TridIndia translators provide expert Business Presentation Material Translation Services in India UAE to give your business a universal acknowledgement. For a prosperous business it is very significant that you supply to a broader clients and earn maximize revenues. But, translating some information from one language to another, sometimes leads to the risk of delivering misleading information in terms of terminology. However by using the services of our experts in translating your business presentation material you can evade such risks tangled in trades.

Business Presentation Material Translation Services

Necessity for Business Presentation Material Translation

The business today is not that easy as before. Even for a deal to crack, you need to invest a lot of labor and even after that you cannot guarantee 100% assurance that the deal will be signed. Thus, while delivering business presentation, not only you must consider your skills but also make sure that the presentation is in the native language of the clients.

Wide Range of Translation

Business presentation materials can cover texts on a wide range of subjects like:

  • Business profile
  • Presentation slides
  • Corporate cards
  • News and Events
  • Trade conferences
  • Meetings etc.

Ease of Targeting Broader Area

We provide our clients viable chances to enter and target wide and broad segments. We accomplish this, by catering to the translation of all the presentation subject matter into different languages that are highly spoken in your target market. Eventually you will accomplish entry to a broader populace.

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Brochure Translation Services

In order to develop and expand business operations, the Multilingual Brochure Translation Services in Delhi India UAE, is the only way to result into a successful marketing campaign. A brochure delivers supplementary statistics or a hand-out ad about your business, its merchandises and services etc. Moreover brochure supports your marketing tactics. If a booklet/brochure is offered in simply one language its influence will be consequently restricted, therefore brochure translation in different languages aid you reach a far bigger customers. It is rightly essential that the brochures deliver the accurate message in the target language as an active translation of a brochure will eventually lead to the accomplishment of your business. Thus, keeping this in mind, our deft team of translators makes sure that the brochures are precisely and accurately translated.

Brochure Translation Services


Need for Multilingual Brochure Translation

By means of cut throat competition in the international market, further and extra businesses anticipate to reach foreign clients to develop their business. As the world has now transformed into a globalized world, therefore multilingual brochure translation is necessitated, if you wish to keep pace with the ever-changing global market. Further, as a brochure performs dynamic role in endorsing your trade (as it is an idyllic medium to distribute complete info with a large number of publics), thus to convey your marketing message across the world in different languages, is very important for your global existence.

Types of Brochures Translated

  • Respond To Inquiries
  • Sales Support
  • Direct Mail
  • Leave-Behinds
  • Point-Of-Sale and more..

First-Rate Brochure Translation at Nominal Rates

TridIndia translators endeavor to translate your brochures in different Indian and foreign languages, thereby delivering first-rate brochure translation services with utmost brilliance and authenticity. Further, we have experienced employees with precise language skills who make use of sophisticated tools in proposing precise translation of brochures requisite by the clients. Also, keeping in mind the budgetary constraints of the clients, we provide our translation services at very competitive rates.

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