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An App that Makes Smartphone Easy to Use for Low Vision Users

Smartphones have eased our lives a lot. Let it be reserving a taxi, ordering food or surfing the web, anything is merely a few touch away. Well another application has added in the list of making things easier for us.

Smartphone App for Low Vision Users

A team has successfully developed an application that provides a zoomed version to make it easy to see for those who have the problem of low vision.

The team of developers from Schepens Eye research institute of Massachusetts Eye and Ear/Harvard Medical School make the application work by projecting a Zoomed in image of Smartphone screen to Google Glasses. Once user has Google glass he can take use of Head Movements to view the required section of the screen.

The senior author Gang luo said “When people with low visual acuity zoom in on their smartphones, they see only a small portion of the screen, and it’s difficult for them to navigate around — they do not know whether the current position is in the center of the screen or in the corner of the screen”.

Luo further added “This application transfers the image of smartphone screens to Google Glass and allows users to control the portion of the screen they see by moving their heads to scan, which gives them a very good sense of orientation”.


More Reasons to Love WhatsApp if These Features Get Rolled Out

There can be more reasons to love WhatsApp if some new features get rolled out or introduced in the app. This app is one of the most loved apps for communication. With WhatsApp calling, blue ticks and other updates, this app is gaining more and more downloads with the passing time. But, privacy is a major matter of concern for the smartphone users.

new features will be add in whatsapp

Hence, the customers would love the app multiple times, of certain features (like the ones mentioned below) are introduced in it:

1. Request from Friends

Request from Friends

As WhatsApp is acquired by Facebook, so, the developers might think of bringing such a feature in WhatsApp. There was news that a secret chat option on Facebook messenger might be unrolled. However, no confirmation is received yet.

2. Invisible Mode

Invisible Mode

Although available on most communication platforms, this feature is still not present on WhatsApp. A user will not be shown as online, if this feature is enabled. Hence, if you wish to have conversation with some of your close friends, you can use the invisible mode.

3. Undo the Messages

Undo the Messages

It happens quite often that we send a message to a wrong person by mistake. How wonderful it would be if we could undo that message within few seconds after you sent the message.

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4. Busy Mode

Busy Mode

While you are busy in work, the WhatsApp notifications might be very irritating for you. So, if something like busy mode was present on this app, one could make sure that the messages stop popping up. In this mode, the user’s status would be shown as ‘busy’ and all the chats would be visible only after he comes out of the busy mode.

The customers can just hope for these features to be introduced in WhatsApp. The time will tell the users whether or not these features would ever be rolled out in the app.


See the Unwanted Apps Getting Vanished through iOS 9.2 in Few Steps

Do you know, using iOS 9.2, you can see your unwanted apps getting vanished in just few steps? There are several apps in our phones that we do not generally use and wish that they may get disappeared. Thus, the iOS 9.2 has been introduced that can make the apps vanish.

remove Unwanted Apps in iOS 9.2 in Few Steps

Just follow these steps:

  • Create a new folder and move all the unwanted apps in that folder.
  • Now, choose any app and drag it to the right side, as much as you can.

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  • After that, hold the app icon with your finger and instantly press the home button. (You have to hold the app icon and press the home button with other hand, simultaneously.)

The app will get vanished.

Using such steps, the apps will not be deleted permanently; rather they would be vanished for some time. If your phone gets rebooted, these apps would return.

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Repeat these steps for every app that you wish to get disappeared. After you have performed the steps on every app, just exit the folder; the folder will also vanish.


Which Apps You May Require In Delhi during Odd Even Traffic Rule

The odd even traffic rule in Delhi has been implemented and people are now looking for apps that they may require while travelling and following this new rule. Since it is not habitual for the common masses, thus, people face certain challenges every other day.

Apps for Odd Even Traffic Rule

So, to overcome such challenges, one can use some mobile apps that will assist them in following the rule without any hassle.. Here they are:

  1. FrndiNeed

Locating your nearby friend, poking them, asking for lift and organizing a meet up; is all what you can do with this app. The SOS tab will help you at times of urgency. This app will also provide you the route to reach to your friend, if he/she accepts your request of taking a lift.

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  1. Voodoo

Using this app you can locate the nearest cabs available to you. You can just book the cab at just one click. So, you do not need to worry whether your car has an odd number or an even number. Easily check the availability of the cab and book it instantly with this app.

  1. Uberpool

It is helpful in carpooling service. You can share and split the charges of your travel with another passenger, if he has to resume on the similar route as yours. So, you can travel at lower prices.

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  1. Helpchat

If you have any question related to this traffic rule, then you can use this app, i.e. Helpchat. You can even book a cab.

So, get these apps instantly and use them to avoid any difficulty while travelling and following this odd even rule.


Now, Call Your Loved Ones at 19 Paisa per Minute with Ringo

Ringo calling app has been introduced that lets you call your loved ones at 19 paisa per minute. According to Ringo, the rates offered by it are cheaper than the standard rates.

19 Paisa per Minute with Ringo

Bhavin Turakhia, the CEO and founder of Ringo said that their service is free from differential pricing. Thus, it would be beneficial for the customers. He said that they purchase minutes from different telecom operators in bulk and then pass it to the customers. This is how they offer cheaper calling.

The international voice calling service was also launched by the company in January. At present, this service is available in almost 100 countries.

Within 3 to 6 months, this app visions to attract a million of customers. With this, it is sure that different effective apps are being introduced to help the users, just like the effective triber app, Ringo app and others.

Turakhia also mentioned that this app does not make the call; rather it utilizes the mobile operators’ networks to make the calls. Thus, the telecom operators cannot comment on the voice quality in the calls by Ringo.

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Further, the customers need not to worry about the additional charges, such as top-up cards, STD and roaming charges.

Thus, the users can easily call their friends or family or anyone on mobile phones or landline at just 19 paisa per minute.


कैश को कहें bye और इन एंड्राइड एप्स से करें मोबाइल बिल्स अदा

अब सभी तरह के मोबाइल बिल्स अदा करें सिर्फ एंड्राइड एप्स की मदद से। मॉडर्न एप्स पैसा ट्रांसफर, डाटा कार्ड रीचार्ज, डीटीएच कनेक्शन्स, प्रीपेड अथवा पोस्टपेड नंबर्स, यूटीलिटी बिल्स आदि जैसे कईं बिल्स अदा करने में मदद करते हैं।

Pay All Mobile Bills through Android App for Cashless Payment

ऐसे ही कुछ मॉडर्न एंड्राइड एप्स के बारे में जानें:

1. Chillr

यह एप आपके किसी भी दोस्त का अकाउंट नंबर, IFSC code आदि जाने बिना पैसे ट्रांसफर कर देता है। यह एप सिर्फ एक OTP SMS भेजता है। पर यह सेवा सिर्फ Bank of Baroda और HDFC Bank के ग्राहक ही इस्तमाल में ला सकते हैं। अन्य बैंक के ग्राहक सिर्फ पैसा प्राप्त कर सकते हैं इस एप को यूस करते हुए।

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2. Vodafone M-pesa

इस एप का इस्तमाल करके आप ऑनलाइन शॉपिंग, डीटीएच कनेक्शन्स, यूटीलिटी बिल्स, प्रीपेड अथवा पोस्टपेड नंबर्स रीचार्ज करवा सकते हैं। एक मोबाइल नंबर की मदद से आप मनी ट्रांसफर भी कर्र सकते हैं पर इसके लिए एडिशनल चार्जेज लगते हैं।

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3. Oxigen wallet

इस एप की मदद से कईं तरह के बिल्स जैसे इलेक्ट्रिसिटी बिल, फ़ोन बिल, लैंडलाइन बिल आदि जमा कर सकते है। यह तक कि आप डीटीएच रीचार्ज और पैसा सेंड और रिसीव भी कर सकते हैं।

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इस तरह के एप्स की जानकारी सभी को होनी चाहिए क्योंकि ये रोजमर्रा के कामो में मदद करते हैं।


Indian Railways to Launch Mobile App for Platform & Season Tickets

Indian Railways is soon going to launch mobile app for monthly season and platform tickets. Thus, the process will go paperless.

Within next few days, paperless tickets will be launched in cities like Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Indian Railways to Launch Mobile App

Suresh Prabhu, the Railway Minister launched 2 IT-based initiatives – mobile app, known as ‘Parichaalan’ for monitoring of freight operation and ticket-vending machine that would be cash/smart card operated at the Railway Station of New Delhi.

Thus, it seems that the railway department is very serious to provide something new to the travellers. That is why, the project for bullet train and that for addition of trains to Delhi metro was initiated.

Further, unreserved paperless ticketing system covers 11 stations in Delhi-Palwal section.

The app is suitable for Windows and Android platforms. So, you can easily download the app from Windows Store or Google Play Store.

Not just this, the application offers on-screen alerts that will guide the passenger throughout the booking process.

The ‘railway wallet’ feature within the app enables the passengers to make payment for the ticket. After the ticket is booked, the passenger would receive ticket confirmation and it would contain limited information about the ticket.

So, definitely railway projects and advancements are on a high these days. Besides India, there have been a number of projects that included high speed railway in turkey.

Back to Indian railways, it is said that a remote-sensing technology would be used at unmanned level crossings. This would be beneficial in warning the road users, mapping of rail routes and stations.

CoTVM (card operated ticket-vending machine) will help the passengers to buy the unreserved tickets themselves through smart cards and currency/coins.

All denominations of INR 5 and above would be accepted by the kiosk. However, it should be noted that the machine does not accept notes that are cut, soiled, taped, glued or colored. The machine would only accept the currency notes of Gandhi series.