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Machine Translation Can Bring Businesses in Jeopardy: Report

Recent reports suggest that machine or automatic translation can bring businesses in a state of jeopardy. This is possible due to the poor quality of translations that the translation software delivers.

Many instances of poor translations have been seen that often becomes a joke. But, some translations can be very offensive for the target audience, making the businesses to lose their business and customers.

Although, the reports continue to describe that the natural language processing and machine learning will soon become error-free, yet it can’t be said that for how long the businesses will have to wait for it.

Hence, it is better to opt for native language translation by native translators; rather than using the auto translation.

Reports further say that the example of obscene translation was seen with the real-time translation software launched by Skype.

In January, Skype launched voice call translation in seven languages. On one occasion, it was found that the Mandarin words turned into obscenities.

This was actually spotted by a photographer who was shooting a commercial for Skype in China. The photographer was using the software for communicating with the people in Mandarin language.

The simple phrase ‘It’s nice to talk to you’ got translated into offensive stream of swear words.

This was one of the many instances that people may face due to the faulty translation by the auto translation software.

Thus, human translation is considered to be better than machine translation, as the translators have the language knowledge, dialect knowledge and the ability to generate translation in proper target language.

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Indonesian Language Towards Extinction In Australian University

Reports suggest that Indonesian language is towards a decline in Australian University and might soon get completely extinct in a decade.

Indonesian language is towards a decline in Australian University

Figures show that the Australian students have just little interest in the language.

After the Bali bombings, a travel warning was issued by the Australian Government. This discouraged schools in Australia from sending the students to Indonesia.

According to the Professor Tim Lindsey (expert in Indonesian law), this is one of the reasons or contributors towards the decline of Indonesian studies in Australian schools and institutions.

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He said that the children will not be able to learn a foreign language unless and until they are provided with an immersion opportunity.

The professor said he was disappointed from the fact that only a small proportion of Australian students learn the Indonesian language today.

According to him, in the 1970s, Indonesian studies were quite strong in Australia. But, due to certain reasons, the graph declined significantly.

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He says that if such rate of decline will continue, there would be no Indonesian studies in the Australian universities in a decade.

Over the last 15 years, there has been a dramatic fall in the number of schools teaching Indonesian.


India Witnesses A Whopping 156% Increase In Social Media Scams

According to recent report laid out by Symantec, India is the most targeted country for threats in Asia, while ranking second in World for the same.

Symantec’s director Taran Kaura told PTI  “A whopping 94 per cent of these scams were spread through manual sharing, proving India’s burgeoning social media population remains a favoured target of scammers”

Social Media Scams increasing in India

Social media is now being used as a tool by scammers to make more people trust them in their social circles. This makes it easy for them to spread scams and fake links.

India currently ranks third globally as the source of malicious activity, followed by China and the US. India also ranks third as the prime source of items and activities like spam, malware, phishing tool and hosts and much more.

India has seen a significant decrease in the amount of spam originating from its borders. Once ranked 6th in the year 2014, India saw a significant decrease and ranked lowered to 18th as a source of spam.

The most targeted sectors have always been financial sector organization and public utilities. These sections are most likely to be in the prime spot for spammers in the coming future too.


5 Bizarre Mistakes You Do While Purchasing a Car

There are several bizarre mistakes you do while purchasing a car. On a general basis, the car buyers unknowingly commit certain mistakes that impact their car buying decision adversely. In short, people result into buying a wrong car.

avoid mistakes while purchasing new car

So, here are some mistakes that you must avoid:

1. Not Going Out For a Test Drive

A proper test drive is really important to undertake. If you feel that studying or researching about the car is enough to buy the car, then you are totally wrong. Doing a homework is good; but you must test drive it to analyze the spacing, smooth driving and other matters.

2. Wrong Decision about Petrol or Diesel Version

Some people also remain confused about the petrol or diesel. Well, this is totally an individual’s decision to buy petrol version or diesel version. Generally, a diesel car costs more than its equivalent in the petrol version. The gasoline electric cars are also getting famous these days. So, you have a look on that too.

3. Buying What You See First

Many people commit this mistake of buying the first car that they see. Something what looks good at first sight, may or may not be the right fit for you. Hence, look at the other models too.

4. Neglecting Research on Finance Deals

Before going out in the market, it is important to research over varied finance deals. So, pull up your socks and search different deals on the internet.

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5. Considering Low Mileage as Good

If you are buying a used car and thinking that it is good on low mileage, then you are mistaken. You need not to may more on a used car, just for its low mileage.

Hence, when you visit an automobile store, it is important that you must not commit mistakes that can incur in losses.


जानिये क्या है छठी सदी में लिखी गई रामायण का गहरा राज़

हाल ही में 100 साल पुराने संस्कृत साहित्य परिषद पुस्तकालय में छठी सदी में लिखी गई रामायण मिली है। यह पुस्तकालय कोलकाता में स्थित है और इसका गहरा राज़ यह है कि यह रामायण बाकि सभी रामायण से (जो पहले लिखी गयीं थी), उनसे थोड़ी भिन्न है। Ramayan Written in 6th Century Found in Kolkata Library

इस रामायण के कुछ खास पहलू हैं जैसे:

  • राम-सीता को इंसानों की तरह दर्शाया गया है।
  • इस रामायण में जब जब राम कहीं असफल हो जाते हैं तो वे गुस्सा भी करती हैं। बिलकुल उसी तरह जिस तरह इक इंसान करता है।
  • राम-सीता के बिछड़ने वाले अध्याय पर ज्याद ध्यान दिया गया है।

जरुर पढ़ें: कौरवों के अंत के बाद का ऐसा सच जो आपको चैन से सोने न देगा


छठी सदी के वन्ही पुराण पर काम करते समय एशियाटिक सोसायटी पुस्तकालय के विद्वानों को पांडुलिपि कुछ अधूरी सी लगी। जब इसके बाकी अंश की तलाश होने लगी तो पता चला कि इससे मिलती-जुलती एक पांडुलिपि लंदन में है और इक कोलकाता में है।

Ramayan Written in 6th Century Found in Kolkata Library 1

जब कोलकाता के संस्कृत साहित्य परिषद में पुरालेखों को खंगालना शुरू हुआ तब यह छठी सदी की रामायण मिली।


यह भी पढ़ें: प्राचीन हनुमान मंदिर जहाँ स्त्री रूप में पूजे जाते हैं हनुमान


माना जा रहा है कि इस रामायण में 5 कांड हैं। जबकि वाल्मीकि की लिखी रामायण में 7 कांड हैं।


यह रामायण बस उसी घटना तक सीमित है जब राम और सीता वनवास से वापस लौटे थे और राम गद्दी पर बैठे थे।


2016 May Offer a Great Salary Increment to Indian Employees

Some recent reports say that 2016 may offer a great salary increment to Indian employees. It is said that an increment of 4.7% might be witnessed in the salary.

Great Salary Increment to Indian Employees

Further, it is estimated that the global salaries would witness a hike of 2.5%. The biggest wage rise would be for the Asian workers. This rise would be in the real wages. Further, it is estimated that the highest rise would be in China – 6.3%, Thailand – 6.1% and Vietnam – 7.3%.

Because of the constantly increasing demand of skilled workers, it is being estimated the salary hike for china employees would be 8% in the upcoming year 2016. The employment rates are also growing.

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This data was drawn from Hay Group PayNet. It contains all the important data for millions of employees in varied organizations.

This hike is regarded as the highest in the past three years. The experts say that the salary hike was 2.1% in the last year and 0.2% in the year 2014.

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The study predicted the salary increasing after comparing it with the predictions made in 2015, during this time.


Astronomers found an Alien World in the Southern Sky

Beyond the solar system, in the southern sky, astronomers found an alien world that is an earth like planet. According to astronomers, this planet named as GJ 1132b, lies in the constellation of Vela.

Alien World in the Southern Sky

It is close enough that the telescopes can observe the presence of atmosphere and other details as well.

It is said that this world is almost 16% larger than the Earth and 3x closer than any other planet with the size like that of earth.

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Astronomers hope that they will be able to study the atmosphere with every detail.

The surface temperature reaches 260C. Such temperature is not proper for life sustaining. But, some atmosphere might be present.

This planet is locked to its star. Also, it has been said that its one face is in daylight and other in darkness. The team of astronomers has asked for a few time, in order to study all the details of the atmosphere.

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The researchers suspect that the planet is rocky, because of its mas and size.


Avoid Drinking Water to Live a Longer Life – Report

According to Webcam model Peter Filak, one must avoid drinking water to live a longer life. Water is the ultimate source of life. But, as per the claim of Peter Filak, drinking water can result into various health issues.

He has even given up drinking water and any other form of liquid.

Avoid Drinking Water

In an interview, he said that the last day when he drank water was in 2012 on May 5. At one hand, where water saving techniques are introduced upcoming generations, on the other hand, Filak is claiming that drinking water cause health issues.

He believes that a pure liquid free diet, inclusive of raw fruits and vegetables is the only source of a healthy living.

According to him, filtering water also does not wipe away all the impurities present in water.

Water on Mars is considered as the source of life on Mars and here a person on earth is claiming something entirely different.

According to him, he does not sweat, does not stink and goes to the bathroom very often.

What is correct and what is not cannot be defined. But, Peter Filak has surely claimed something unique and different to the world.

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But, water is certainly very important for humans.


Next Gen Pacemakers to Prompt Heart Beats Using Your Heart

The next generation pacemakers (battery free) may now use your heart to prompt the normal heart beats. Few scientists are working on this technology to develop such pacemakers that will use heart as the source of normal heart beats.

next generation pacemakers

Pacemakers are actually small devices that are used to treat arrhythmias. It helps the heart to beat at a normal rate. It has been said that this technology might eliminate different costs and medical risks.

Not just this, such technology might also eliminate the hassle of battery replacement. The battery is replaced every 5 to 12 years, as per the researchers.

Science has definitely made a huge achievement in technology world. The eco-friendly helmets is one of its example.

The pacemakers are of the size of a pocket watch and are implanted in a human’s chest through an incision.

This technology is based upon piezoelectric system. This converts the vibrational energy into electricity energy. This way the pacemaker would get powered. The vibrational energy mentioned here is thee energy that will be created inside with each heartbeat.

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Further, this new option does not require any leads, but the device relies on a battery. The battery must be replaced just like the batteries in conventional pacemakers.


How to Detect and Track the Spread of Chikungunya in 2 Hours

In order to detect and track the spread of Chikungunya, researchers have come up with a low-cost diagnostic test that would check for any mosquito-borne illness in almost 2 hours’ time period.

detect and track the spread of Chikungunya

The researchers at InBios International and University of Texas Medical Branch used mosquito-borne virus for developing the new test. This test would help the doctors top observe or track the extent of spread of this disease.

According to Scott Weaver, director at UTMB, the Eilat virus which is related to this disease (Chikungunya) was collected 3 decades ago in Israel’s Negev Desert.

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The Eilat virus-based chimera was used by the scientists, in order to create a safe diagnostic test.

Weaver further said that the medical professionals became able to take the serum of chikungunya patients and use the diagnostic test kit for a quick result in almost 2 hours.

Science has made huge achievements, like observing the presence of water on mars and now this diagnostic test.

The tests for Chikungunya are quite expensive and is difficult to diagnose. So, this test will definitely help the patients to come out of this dangerous disease.