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WhatsApp May Roll Out Two New Features for the Users

As per some reports, WhatsApp might soon roll out two new features – voicemail and call back for the users. These features are expected to be very beneficial for the users.

WhatsApp upcoming features

For the call back feature, it is said that it would help the users in calling back their friends without actually opening the app. The user will just have to tap the button and he would be able to make the call.

Reports suggest that this button would be present in the notifications panel. So, it is for sure that the users would be able to access the call button easily and instantly and call back to their friends.

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Another feature, that is highly talked about is the voicemail feature. This feature might be available to the iOS users. But, there is one condition in this feature.

It would operate only in the condition when the user is busy on WhatsApp call.

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The user will just have to record the voicemails and send them to whosoever he or she wishes to send it.

Further, zip files may also be introduced in the app, to send larger files.


How to Create Secure Passwords to Avoid Hacking

Passwords should always be secure and strong. Hence, when you create them, you should create the one that cannot be hacked or assumed by someone. ‘May’ is the month when the World Password Day is celebrated. Hence, good habits to create a sound password should definitely be promoted.

tips to Create Secure Passwords

Here are some key points, using which you can easily create fortified passwords for different accounts:

1. Neglect the Dictionary Words

Dictionary words should be avoided, as there are certain programs that can easily hack or crack the passwords. If necessary, you can use some numbers between the words, for e.g. comp123ut456er. You can even also use the first letter of a sentence. For e.g. use the password ‘miangambf’ for the sentence ‘meera is a nice girl and my best friend’. But, just make sure you know how to remember a password.

2. Try to Make Them Long

Experts suggest that the length of the password really matters. Hence, the password should have atleast 8 characters. However, 14 and 25 character limit is considered to be highly beneficial.

3. Think of Substitution

Substituting characters or letters with something equivalent can fortify your password. You can use the dollar sign for S and zero for the letter O.

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4. Stop Reusing Passwords

It’s ideal not to repeat or reuse the same password for two or more accounts. You can sometimes use easy passwords and reuse them, only if it does not involve posting over a message board or involving credit card. However, it would be great if you do not reuse the passwords in any condition.

So, from now on, always focus on creating strong passwords that could not be guessed by someone else.


4 Amazing Tricks to Save Money While Shopping Online

Saving money is the most important factor for a buyer and when it is about online shopping, you must definitely know some tricks to avoid any wastage of money. Online purchase can sometimes be tricky. You may not receive what you desire, or you may end up getting a product whose price is higher than its quality.

amazing tricks while shopping online

Listed below are some of the many fruitful tricks that can aid you in saving money:

1. Research About the Seller

First of all, it is important that you conduct a thorough research about the seller. Search for reputed websites and see what are customer reviews, feedback and product range. A trusted seller is the only way to save money and receive quality products.

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2. Look for Official Warranty

You must always purchase the product that comes with official warranty. Generally, buyers purchase the product with seller warranty and thus, commit the mistake.

3. Ask for Claim

If you witness any fault in the product or its functioning, you must immediately ask for claim. Further, you can also communicate with them over social media.

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4. Look for Contact Details

This is actually the part of research work. While you are researching for the product, make sure that you see whether or not the seller has given his contact details. Contact details define that the seller is a genuine one.

There are more of such tricks. However, these are the most important points that you must keep in mind. So, stay alert.


5 Bizarre Mistakes You Do While Purchasing a Car

There are several bizarre mistakes you do while purchasing a car. On a general basis, the car buyers unknowingly commit certain mistakes that impact their car buying decision adversely. In short, people result into buying a wrong car.

avoid mistakes while purchasing new car

So, here are some mistakes that you must avoid:

1. Not Going Out For a Test Drive

A proper test drive is really important to undertake. If you feel that studying or researching about the car is enough to buy the car, then you are totally wrong. Doing a homework is good; but you must test drive it to analyze the spacing, smooth driving and other matters.

2. Wrong Decision about Petrol or Diesel Version

Some people also remain confused about the petrol or diesel. Well, this is totally an individual’s decision to buy petrol version or diesel version. Generally, a diesel car costs more than its equivalent in the petrol version. The gasoline electric cars are also getting famous these days. So, you have a look on that too.

3. Buying What You See First

Many people commit this mistake of buying the first car that they see. Something what looks good at first sight, may or may not be the right fit for you. Hence, look at the other models too.

4. Neglecting Research on Finance Deals

Before going out in the market, it is important to research over varied finance deals. So, pull up your socks and search different deals on the internet.

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5. Considering Low Mileage as Good

If you are buying a used car and thinking that it is good on low mileage, then you are mistaken. You need not to may more on a used car, just for its low mileage.

Hence, when you visit an automobile store, it is important that you must not commit mistakes that can incur in losses.


What Budding Startups Must Know Before Creating Interactive Platform

The budding startups should understand few key points, before creating any interactive platform. Many companies like Uber, Facebook and Airbnb are highly popular these days, as they have created platforms for the users. These platforms help the users in one or the other ways.

Creating Interactive Platform

Hence, for every startup firm looking to create a platform, it is necessary to keep certain points in mind:

1. Usage

It should be understood that platforms are driven by usage. Hence, before thinking about the features of the platform; think about its usage; think about how the platform usage by one person would drive the usage by other person.

2. Limited Open Participation

Excess of anything can be bad. So, make sure that you do not provide too much of participation. It is good when there is a perfect system to collect and manage data.

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3. Self-Reinforcing Feedback Loops

It is very important to provide self-reinforcing feedback loops. Most of the entrepreneurs lack, just at this point. They create superb product decisions, but fail to create the feedback loops.

4. Accelerating Value

It should be kept in mind that every time, the platform or product is used by the user; he or she should feel more value than before.

So, before you actually think of creating new platforms, you must keep all the major facts in mind. Also, consider the data as the biggest asset.


How to Keep the Electronic Gadgets Safe, Sound and Clean

How to keep the electronic gadgets safe, sound and clean? This is one of the major concerns that haunt the gadget lovers, every day and night. Even a single spot on your mobile screen or gadget can make you feel irritated and fussy. Cleanliness is the sole way through which you can keep your gadgets safe and sound.

electronic gadgets saftey tips

So, here are some cleaning methods to follow:

1. Phone Screen

To clean the screen of your phone, you must use a microfiber cloth. This will clean the spots on your mobile screen. But, if it is a stubborn spot; just switch off the phone and spray some cleaning spray, distilled water or half water and half vinegar on the cloth.

2. Notebook

Shut down your device and wipe the exterior surface with a lint-free cloth. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the screen and a moist cloth to wipe the keyboard.

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3. Remote

To clean the remote control, use a Q-tip. If any dust particles remain around the keys, you can use a toothpick.

4. Earpods

A baby wipe can be used to clean the earpods. But, if you wax sticking on it, you must use a toothpick to clean it.

Similarly, you can use different techniques, to clean other gadgets. So, keep your gadgets clean and make their proper use.


5 Instant Ways to Earn a Giant Six Figure Salary

There are numerous instant ways to earn a giant six figure salary. This is possible if you look for higher paying jobs. Everyone in this world wishes to earn a good salary. Hence, making your career in that particular field is always wonderful.

ways to earn a giant six figure salary

Here are some higher paying jobs that offer $150,000 or more:

1. Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager
Identifying customers, planning marketing programs and looking after the product development, is generally the job responsibility of a marketing manager.

2. Nurse Anesthetist

nurse anesthetist
A Nurse Anesthetist is the one who looks after a patient recovery from anesthesia. You must have bachelor’s degree in nursing to apply for this job.

3. Orthodontist

Fixing crooked teeth, you can easily make good amount of money. It requires great amount of hard work and studies.

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4. Pediatrician

Pediatrician, however, earn less than surgeons; they need to go through almost same amount of training. Due to its low unemployment rate and high compensation, it is regarded as one of the most preferred jobs.

5. Psychiatrist

Female psychologist making notes during psychological therapy session

As per the U.S. News, jobs in this field are expected to rise by almost 15%. To apply for this job, you will have to complete the studies in a medical school and then the residency program and finally the licensing exam plus board certification.

These jobs can certainly help you grow and earn a good salary.. So, study well and hope for a bright career in the higher paying jobs.


4 Super-Quick Ways to Protect Your Phone Battery

One who owns a smartphone always looks for super-quick ways to protect the phone battery. These days, one thing that is most important to any smartphone user, is his phone battery. Protecting the battery has become a major concern.

tricks to protect your phone battery

So, here are some ways due to which you can keep your phone battery always protected:

1. Use Original Battery

It is recommended that a user should use only the manufacturer’s original battery, as it is tried and tested. Cheaper batteries may not have the potential to protect the batteries.

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2. Shut Down

If your phone gets too hot that it cannot be touched, you must shut down the phone. Go to a nearby service centre and get it checked. However, if the phone is heating slightly due to some apps, then it is common.

3. Avoid Dropping It

Make sure to avoid situations where your phone gets dropped either in water or elsewhere. If your phone gets switched off and starts heating, after it is dropped, the chances are higher that the battery is damaged.

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4. Avoid Contact with Metal

Make sure that the battery is not in touch with any metal. So, while carrying the phone in bag, make sure it is kept away from the keys or loose change.

This way you can protect the battery of your phone…!!


Which Apps You May Require In Delhi during Odd Even Traffic Rule

The odd even traffic rule in Delhi has been implemented and people are now looking for apps that they may require while travelling and following this new rule. Since it is not habitual for the common masses, thus, people face certain challenges every other day.

Apps for Odd Even Traffic Rule

So, to overcome such challenges, one can use some mobile apps that will assist them in following the rule without any hassle.. Here they are:

  1. FrndiNeed

Locating your nearby friend, poking them, asking for lift and organizing a meet up; is all what you can do with this app. The SOS tab will help you at times of urgency. This app will also provide you the route to reach to your friend, if he/she accepts your request of taking a lift.

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  1. Voodoo

Using this app you can locate the nearest cabs available to you. You can just book the cab at just one click. So, you do not need to worry whether your car has an odd number or an even number. Easily check the availability of the cab and book it instantly with this app.

  1. Uberpool

It is helpful in carpooling service. You can share and split the charges of your travel with another passenger, if he has to resume on the similar route as yours. So, you can travel at lower prices.

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  1. Helpchat

If you have any question related to this traffic rule, then you can use this app, i.e. Helpchat. You can even book a cab.

So, get these apps instantly and use them to avoid any difficulty while travelling and following this odd even rule.


An SMS Will Now Keep You Informed about Cars, DL and Vehicle RCs

An SMS will now keep you informed about cars, DL and vehicle RCs and others. A web-enabled application has been introduced that offers comprehensive details about drivers and vehicles.

SMS Will Informed about Cars, DL and Vehicle RCs

Suppose, if you are purchasing a used vehicle, you can check details about it, by sending SMS to 7738299899. Not just this, the driving licence can also be verified.

It is said that this move will be beneficial for those who prefer to hire vehicles. This will help the users to confirm the credentials of vehicles and drivers.

The transport ministry was receiving many queries related to vehicles and drivers. So, NIC (National Informatics Centre) developed this application to help the users.

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The users will be able to get limited information free of cost that may include place of registration, chassis, validity and engine numbers for RCs.

For driving licence, one may get info on validity, place of issue and bearer’s name.

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If you wish to get details on registration certificates, just SMS ‘VAHAN’ and vehicle RC number to 7738299899.

For DL, send SARDL to 8790499899.