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Deities at Jagannath Dham on Complete Rest for 15 Days

Reports say that the Jagannath Dham deities will be on complete rest for 15 days. They are under medication these days. Shocked??

The devotees visiting the Jagannath Dham temple at sector – 7 are not able to have darshan of the Lord, as these days the Lord is sick and thus, will not be able to attend the devotees.

This is nothing to be surprised on. It is actually an annual practice that represents the old age custom seen at Jagannath temple in Puri.

Here, in this temple, the Lord is considered to reside in human form. Therefore, it is said that all the natural laws followed by the human beings are also applicable to the almighty.

Hence, the Lord, here bears all such sufferings as his subjects do.

On ‘jyeshtha poornima’ Lord Jagannath had a grand bath of 35 ‘swarna ghats’. He was then, seated over a swarna simhasana, i.e. a throne. Here, he was served with ‘aam-ras’.

The consumption of mango juice and prolonged bath made him fall sick. Thus, according to the president of the Jagannath Dham, he will be served with herbal medicines for 15 days.

Now, the reopening ceremony of the temple would take place on ‘Aashad Shukla Ekam’. On this day, the Lord, along with his siblings Balbhadra and Subhadra will be taken out on a rath. ‘Aashad Shukla Ekam’ will fall on July 5.

Further, 21 varieties of delicacies would be served to the Lord, when the temple reopens.

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All About the New Highways in Himachal Pradesh

Gaining the Centre’s in-principle approval, Himachal Pradesh will now witness some new national highways. Actually, 17 new national highways are going to be built in this state.

New 17 Highways in Himachal Pradesh

As per reports, the length of the road would be around 1368.20 kms. However, Nitin Gadkari wishes to convert this length into 1500 km. but, this would be initiated only after consulting with the MPs.

Further, it is said that the new highways will include stretches from the state highways:

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  • 14Km Takshal-Nogli
  • 47Km Ranital-Kotla
  • 153Km Chailla-Sarahan-Narayangarh
  • 57Km Bhota-Nerchouk
  • 118Km Neripul-rajgarh-Banethi
  • 78Km Narkanda-Rohru
  • 62Km Rohru- Bhalidhar-Kiari-Kotkhai
  • 125Km Mandi-Chailchouk-Nagan
  • 106Km Taradevi-Nalagarh-Ghanouli

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Reports suggest that if the HP government helps in land acquisition, the ministry will undertake the widening of every national highway.

It is also said that electric transportation system is also encouraged in Himachal Pradesh.

Gadkari further says that Lithium batteries have been developed by ISRO. They are estimated to be 30% cheaper than the European version. Hence, if the commercial production gets a boost, India will enjoy electric buses on vary nominal rates.


Sharing Ola or Uber Cab is New and More Sensible

On one hand where Delhi government’s odd even led to a positive effect on the capital’s climate, it also caused some inconvenience for some people and aroused opportunities for cab firms. These cab providing services heavily promoted their sharing and carpooling services with cleverly written pitch.

share car on Ola or Uber cab

According to Calculations done by the savvy guys at, it was found that one would save around INR 5o every day. For those who work 5 days a week, this number would grow upto 13,000!

Although it may not sound a big saving at first, but if you consider the huge number of people doing this, this mere number increases to several figures.

Car pooling services such as costs mere 60 Rs for 30km ride. This can save working guys a whopping 59,000 per year. As per the math, this is a pretty good number and a solid reason why one should consider carpooling and cab sharing services.

Further talking about this topic, Carpooling and sharing also saves you from miscellaneous expenses such as purchasing a car, insurance and maintenance, also the irritating parking bill. We must agree these carpooling has two folded advantage; not only it is economically beneficial, but it is also environmentally beneficial.


Ready to Enjoy a Ride on Amphibious Bus in India?

Are you ready to enjoy a ride on amphibious buses – the buses that can travel both on land and water? Recently, norms have been set up these buses for tourism purpose.

Ride on Amphibious Bus 2

It is said that these buses will be used for the purpose of tourism, thereby helping the tourists enjoy sightseeing.

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According to the reports, the first bust may start operating in Mumbai in the next three months. It has been procured by JNPT (Jawaharal Nehru Port Trust).

Ride on Amphibious Bus 1

It is said that 14 of these buses would be built by a Goa based company. Hence, it has asked the ministry to provide the norms, so that the company could begin the operations part.

Also, reports suggest that the maximum spped limit assigned to the buses would be 40 km/hr. additionally, the buses would not travel after the sun sets.

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As far as the routes are concerned; these buses will be assigned some particular routes. These routes would be approved by the state transport department.

Ride on Amphibious Bus

These buses will thus, be helpful for tourists to enjoy sightseeing on both land and water.


Three Dimensional Speed Breakers May Soon Be Visible On Roads

3D speed breakers might soon be visible to you while driving on roads.  These speed breakers would actually be painted on the roads. Hence, the driver would feel as if a speed bump is on their way. However, it would be a flat surface.

Three Dimensional Speed Breakers

These paintings will act as barriers and thus, help in lowering the speed of the vehicle.

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According to reports, the highways minister asked to utilize such paintings on the roads, as this would change the mindset of the vehicle drivers.

Not just this, the urban development minister has also referred this to NHAI.

The painting of the speed breaker was made by two artists in Ahmedabad. Since then, it went viral. Since, the painting would be 3D; the driver would lower the speed of the vehicle.

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Sources suggest that such paintings would also be beneficial to lower the number of road accidents. Most of the accidents on road occur due to high speed. Thus, with such an effort, the number of road fatalities might get reduced.


Welcome Kate and William to India and Bhutan this April

It’s time to welcome Kate and William to India and Bhutan this April. This royal couple is expected to visit India and Bhutan from April 10 to April 16. While Prince George and Princess Charlotte will stay back at home, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit to some iconic locations in India and Bhutan.

kate and william visit india and bhutan this april

This is for sure that the couple would explore different sides of both the countries.

Staying in the Taj Palace Hotel (Mumbai), visiting the slums in Mumbai, exploring the six hour trek in Bhutan and much more; this couple has a lot to explore as per their stipulated schedule.

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According to reports, the entire schedule of the visit is as given below:

1. 10th April, India

  • The couple would arrive at the famous Taj Palace Hotel in Mumbai and meet the hotel staff that was brave enough to protect the guests’ life during 2008 terror attack.
  • Watch a cricket match in the Oval Maidan Public Park.
  • Meet children living in slums.
  • Visit Malabar Hill to explore the Banganga Water Tank. They would also meet the slum people living nearby.
  • Meet the Bollywood stars in a fundraiser.

2. 11 April, India

  • Attend an event in Mumbai where they would meet the aspirant youth entrepreneurs.
  • Visit New Delhi, where the couple would visit India Gate war memorial to lay a wreath.
  • Visit Gandhi Smriti.
  • Visit the British High Commissioner residence where a birthday party for The Queen would be organized.
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3. 12 April, India

  • While the couple would be in New Delhi, two engagements are expected to be declared.
  • Visit Kaziranga and enjoy the campfire with some delightful music and dance performances.

4. 13 April

  • Visit the Kaziranga National Park.
  • Visit the Centre for Wildlife Conservation and Rehabilitation.
  • Visit the Kaziranga Discovery Centre.

5. 14th April, Bhutan

  • A warm ceremonial welcome in Bhutan.
  • Visit Thimpu Dzong (Buddhist monastery) to enjoy the welcome procession.
  • Visit open-air archery venue in Thimpu.
gatimaan experess from new delhi to agra

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6. 15 April, Bhutan

  • Enjoy the six hours trek to Paro Taktsang.
  • Attend a reception.

7. 16 April, India

This visit will surely be an exciting one, for the royal couple and also for India and Bhutan. They will be back in the UK, quiet before the 90th birthday of The Queen, which is on April 21.