Types of translation services


Software Language Translation

By means of constant development in the IT sector, software is being traded through the globe. Software is predominantly established by a coding language that is undeviating throughout the world. However far-reaching software package has a number of components that are place explicit and may not be comprehended by people of varied provinces.

Therefore, there is a growing demand of translating the language particular constituents of software into the area specific language that is passed out with the assistance of translating your software language.Software language translation suggests translating software operator interfaces from one term to another language that outfits other overseas values.

Tridindia offer premium and trustworthy software language translation, which aid our customers in localizing their software by offering them accurate and socially adjusted translations in their preferred languages.

Translating a software language is poles apart from the straight translation as it comprises terms that are extremely mechanical. We have expert software translators with robust field experience and understanding of the technical languages that allow us to deliver you software language translation with accuracy and high quality.

Our professional translators can handle any type of software translation and offer high class translated software language in planned time.


Website Translation Services in India

Tridindia is a team of premium service source providing website translation services to our clients for their site offered for every language market that they want to target. Website translation endorses a website to communicate to the target nation and is your supreme price effective advertising method to accomplish your overseas customer base. In order to effectively hit the global audience, corporations must communicate and deal with customers in their local languages and by translating your website, you gets the access to millions of potential clients who otherwise would certainly not recognize your business exists.

Designed for an online private enterprise, a website has a number of language alternatives capable of providing steadfast information to a diverse range of people. Therefore, by translating the website in different languages expands the possibility of getting to additional individuals in varied regions.

Tridindia embrace proficiency in offering you translation of your website in diverse languages that will aid you lifting your trades due to the capacity of the info to touch a widespread range of varied customers at the same time.

Our experienced translators recognizes about the different popular expression and diverse idioms existing in all language that plays a dynamic role in translating your website in an exact manner and also helpful to the target customers. Our assignments are finished well on time and are esteemed for proficient presentation.


Press Release Translation

Press release submission online is an active technique of promoting your area of operation. Moreover, to make your business accomplish the global market and to outspread your impact and achievement, you need to translate all your press releases into the languages of target countries where you wish to upsurge your existence.

As soon as a press release is distributed it is important that the translated press release is instructive and well transcribed so that it has the merit that foremost news sources request. Press releases frequently comprise industry-specific facts so using translators who are specialists in the region the press release deals with is very imperative.

We provide our customers with expert translation services for their press release papers in diverse languages. We make sure that the interpreted version of the original press release delivers the identical message to the readers as carried in original press release.

We offer press release translation services to several establishments dispersed universally around the world whereas retaining very rational rates. We offer these services with professional solutions for our customer’s press release translation provisions. We pledge to provide you the paramount translated press releases.


Medical Translation Services

Medical and Pharmaceutical translation is an extremely dedicated job and ought to be handled by experienced translators. Translation has turn out to be an economical gain for sectors like medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, etc. We provide translation of medical documents like patient doctor communication, agreement form, official papers which frames medical processes, certification of operations, transcription of medical conferences etc.

Our professionals make sure that appropriate medical expressions are used while translating medical documents and that they are specific and true so that there are no errors tangled. Medical documents translated by Tridindia team are twice verified by individuals from the medical field to evade mistakes.

We have faith in the job of medical translation which has to be passed on with great carefulness as it is associated with health and life. We put additional security in such work. Our groups also comprehend the significance of the matter and it is why, our foreign clients are trusting on us since ages. We specify in language services for the medical industry, offering precise and reliable translation and localization services that allow clients to emphasis on their central proficiencies.


Legal Translation Services

Simply the systematic acquaintance of legal languages allows achieving legal document translation. Choice of words in this form of translation ought to be very thorough lacking any gamble of uncertainty. Incorrect translation can cause misperception, hindrance, unnecessary postponement, and even massive loss of cost.

Tridindia use translators who are qualified to translate all types of legal documents. Whether you want translation of agreement, summons, transcription of an evident tape, our legal translation services convey the precise info which was in original file.

Having the information of the field of law aids us to translate any type of legal document. Our team of translators embraces of multilingual professionals from the field of law who undertake translation of legal documents of agreement, divorce documents, civil and criminal cases and legally obligatory bonds, etc. In the process of translating legal documents, we simply use expert translators specializing in their particular fields safeguarding that there will be no wrong translation of files.


Financial Translation Services

Financial translation is indeed one of the most complex works we do. At present the domain of finance comprising investment banks, insurance companies fitting to one another, do not bother about their native language. This is mainly due to Financial Translation services through which original papers can be transformed into any of preferred languages.

It is a generally acknowledged fact that using the correct terms in the right context is very important and if it is related to finance, even a single mistake can be cause of great damage. Whereas it is related to financial translation, languages may vary nation to nation due to different legal descriptions. Incorrectly or mistranslated paper can produce numerous misperceptions between publics.

So, it is essential for financial file that it ought to be translated with thorough lucidity. To safeguard this occurs; Tridindia will work with you to hand-pick correct interpreted dictionaries of languages precise to your business or diligence. Financial documents often need being submitted with overseas accounting principles. Tridindia agree to translation of all sorts Finance associated papers. No problem that they are agreements or bookkeeping documents, our line-up comprises professionals, who can precisely translate all sorts of financial documents in any of preferred languages.