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Amongst a wide range of multilingual translations, Czech Translation Services in Mumbai Kolkata Bangalore Pune is the most demanded one, from our overseas clients. To help the clients maximize their global presence, we offer innovative and authentic solutions to our clients, i.e. our flawless translation services. Also, we work for several domains, such as IT, Medical, Marketing, Engineering and Legal that sets us apart from others in the market. We have deployed a separate team of translators for each domain. Thus, there are no chances for misinterpretations or flaws in the translation project.

czech translation services

Features of Czech Language

  • Formerly known as Bohemian, Czech is widely spoken by almost 11 million people across the globe
  • The vocabulary of Czech is primarily derived from Baltic, Slavic and other Indo-European roots
  • Czech grammar is fusional, i.e. the nouns, adjectives and verbs are inflected by phonological processes to modify grammatical functions and their meanings
  • Czech describes 3 genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter. The main effect of gender in this language is the difference between noun and adjective declension
  • Officially, this language belongs to Czech Republic

Pertinent Areas of Czech Translation Services


1. Financial Translation

target localeTo spread your message globally, we offer flawless translation for all your needs related to wealth management, retail banking, investment banking and investment fund businesses.


2. Media Translation

voice overBacked by skilled and certified native translators, we translate all types of media related documents, such as Full Press Kits, Digital Content, Customer Letters, Multimedia Presentations, Brochures and so forth.


3. Legal Translation

legal translationWell-versed with the intricacies of local/foreign cultural and legal systems, our team ensures to deliver defect-free translation of application letters, litigation materials, technical patent confirmation, contracts and other documents.


4. Medical Translation

medical translationWe translate all types of technical, marketing, clinical and regulatory documentation that are vital to pharmaceutical and healthcare fields. We have a number of clients in the healthcare sector who rely on us for every need related to translations.


5. Website and Software Translation

website translationWith deep-rooted knowledge to work in numerous file formats, we localize and translate websites and software into different cultures and languages. This helps the client to reach out to the worldwide audience.


6. Localization and Translation for Mobile App

android app translationIn order to get your app all set for the worldwide launch, it is necessary to localize and then translate your app into the target language. Our team adapts the app to the target culture and then the native translators undertake the remaining part of translation.


7. Market Research Translation

market research translationTranslating promotional materials and documents related to market research is necessary to understand the psyche of the target segment. We are associated with a proficient team that is expert at translating all kinds of reports, questionnaires, survey reports etc.


Original Meaning Intact

Since years, we have been offering authentic translation services to our valued clients across the globe. We understand that wrong interpretation of a message may lead to huge disasters and costs to the company. Thus, we ensure that the original meaning of the message remains intact in the translated documents as well.

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