5 Popular Wealthiest Countries that are Worth Looking At

The world is abound of some wealthiest countries that are prosperous in terms of entrepreneurship, healthcare, safety, personal freedom, governance and education (according to the prosperity index).

These countries are worth looking at, as they are the perfect example of the discipline, lifestyle and trade in a country. Some of the wealthiest countries are:

1. South Korea

South Korea

South Korea has been successful in minimizing the rate of poverty. Thus,, the economy off this country has improved significantly.

2. Singapore


Because of its productivity rate, this nation is considered to have the best economy, as per Legatum Institute. Further, when it comes to the highest earnings per worker, then this nation is regarded as ranked on the second position.

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3. New Zealand

New Zealand

It ranks at the sixth position in education, second position in personal freedom and governance. In the overall rankings, it has slipped one place.

4. Switzerland


The credit for its winning governance goes to the transparent political system. It ranks quite high for its economy, (i.e. overall at second position), health (at third position) and opportunity (at third position).

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5. Norway


This country is 4th in terms of economy and health, overall 2nd in social capital and 3rd in personal freedom. It is also known as the most prosperous county in world.

The wealthier nations have thus progressed in entrepreneurship, healthcare, safety, personal freedom, governance and education field.