A Short Reading Session Can Help in Language Development

According to research, a short reading session can help in language development among toddlers. It is found that the kids make more speech like sounds when their parents read stories to them. This help in developing the sense of language among small kids.

Short Reading Session in Language Development

A research was conducted to see the response of mothers to their 12 month babies at time of the reading session, toy or puppet play.

During the study, it was found that while reading the book to their child, the mothers were responsive to the type of sounds made by the kid.

It was clear with the activity that the chances of making speech like sounds were higher at times of book reading. In other activities, it was comparatively less.

Thus, often mothers are always suggested to respond to the babbling of their kid, when something is read out to them. It helps the child to learn the language.

The responses of the mothers were often expansion of the speech like sounds or imitations of the sound.

The reading session must be interactive. When a child makes such a sound and the mother responds to it, it certainly helps in language development.

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This research also shows that book reading is an essential element of developing language learning skills in kids.