English and Spanish Immersion Curriculum in an Ontario School

Fresh English and Spanish immersion curriculum will now be focused at a school in Ontario. Actually, there is a school in Ontario known as Four Rivers Community School that presently runs till eighth grade. But now, it is planning to add a high school component.

dual language Curriculum in an Ontario School

After a lot of study and observance, it was announced to plan for a Senior Preparatory School where the students would be taught English and Spanish. It would be a dual language program.

According to the principal, the parents really wanted their kids to continue with the Spanish immersion and move to the high school.

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The school was planning for this move not less than 6 years. Finally, it has decided for the expansion.

Beginning with 9th grade, the school will grow one level per year till 12th standard.

The language curriculum taught in the school would be entirely based on immersion. Since, it is a dual program, therefore, English will be taught one week and Spanish in the other.

The immersion program is set with an aim to provide the kids with knowledge about the real world applications.

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There would be two types of immersion tracks – one for the native Spanish speakers and the other for new Spanish speakers.

It is not clear that where would be the new high school would be located.