English Will Not Be the Global Internet Language in Future

According to a research, it has been found that English will not be the global internet language in future. Most of the online population speaks in English language. But, the statistics show that the percentage of using English on the internet might decrease soon.

future of Global Internet Language

At one hand where the research describes about the decreasing English online presence, the fact related to the lack of language diversity on web cannot be ignored.

Actually, even the most popular languages are found in less percentage on the web, for example Spanish finds only 4.8% of the online population, Chinese is spoken by 2.1% and Hindi by not more than 0.1% of the online population.

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Some researchers even worry that English presence may lead to the extinction of languages that are not so popular these days.

Further, it is estimated that machine learning will become more prevalent in future. The computers would be available with language calculators.

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According to predictions, these calculators will interpret the meaning of a text in the mother language of the user. The accuracy level is predicted to match that of a human translator.

Slowly and slowly, there would be a democratic web in the upcoming future.

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