First Time in 10 Years, Air India Flight Will Surprise You with Something New

First time in 10 years, Air India flight will surprise you with a new food menu. Since the past 10 years (approximately), the menu for the flights from Delhi to London has not been changed.

Air India changes its menu

When Ashwani Lohani (new chairman and managing director of the airline) came to know about this, he immediately called for changing such rules and looking into matters, like the food served in flights.

According to him, the regional offices have been vested with the power to take decisions on such important matters.

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Another official says that in the business of hospitality and airline, such issues cannot be dragged on for long years. Such issues should be resolved quickly.

Air India changes its menu 2

The food menu should be changed in accordance with the changing times and as per the passengers’ demands.

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The officials consider London as one of the most important routes for their airline. Hence, it is estimated that from now on, the menu provided in the Delhi to London flight would be changed.