Foldable Samsung Smartphone to Launch Next Year

A foldable Samsung smartphone is expected to launch next year. According to reports, the company may unveil a device that could be folded to form a 5 inch smartphone. This will then turn into a 7 inch tablet when opened.

Foldable Samsung Smartphone 1

The development of prototype is finished and the company might start its mass production from the second half of this year.

Foldable Samsung Smartphone 2

Reports say that, in order to build such an advanced phone, Samsung has invested into several technologies. With its folding technology, one can easily carry it like a wallet and open it for using.

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This phone would feature an OLED Display and could be bend in half easily by the user. This actually shows that the mobile companies are fully geared up to offer something unique and advanced to their customers.

Foldable Samsung Smartphone

According to the director of Samsung Display, the planning and discussion for the release of this product and mass production is going on.

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Further, a representative quotes that Samsung Electronics has some major tasks to complete. Hence, the mass production could not be completed in haste. But, significant amount of results have been made.