Google Disclosed Its New Logo Officially

Finally, Google launched its new logo officially. The new logo of Google seems to be more modern and colorful. The colors in the logo are much more softer than before and it portrays quite resemblance to the logo of Alphabet that is the new parent company of Google.

Google New Logo Officially

Since 1999, when Google settled on the four colors, this is the biggest change ever in the logo. However, the wordmark was evolved in 1998. The tiny ‘g’ logo seen on browser tabs has been changed into an uppercase ‘G’ striped in all four colors of Google.

A cute animation can be seen on Google’s homepage that wipes off the old logo and instantly draws the new one.

Google keeps doing something that attracts the visitors, such as it offered Google maps with traffic updates and even an amazing Wi-Fi router that has already gained much appreciation.

As far as the new logo is concerned, Google says that the new logo will represent that the site is a collection of apps, services and sites that one visits over his computer, PC, smartphones etc.

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In order to make the logo look fantabulous over the small screen, Google had to go through major considerations. The new logo also scales better to the smaller sizes that make it easier to read. Further, a version of its logo has been made that is only 305 bytes.