Google to Reply to Your Mails via Artificial Intelligence

No, the Google’s artificial intelligence may be used to reply to your emails. This is a new tool that will generate responses to the mails. Google keeps making an effort to make the tasks of humans easier. Thus, it introduced the self-driving cars.

google using Artificial Intelligence for mails reply

This technology is an update to the inbox app. According to Google, a program would recognize those emails which require instant replies. Then, the program would figure out the words.

Before sending the reply, 3 choices will be provided.

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According to sources, this would be specifically beneficial for smartphone users who check their emails on the small phone screen. Every consumer who utilizes the free version of Inbox would be able to access to this new feature.

There are a number of Google products or services that are highly used and cherished worldwide. Thus, it is estimated that this new feature might also gain appreciation among the masses.

Also, it would be available for businesses that pay for Google applications for work.