IIT Students Present Self-Driving Bicycle for the Disabled Riders

IIT students from Kharagpur have developed self-driving bicycle, i-bike for the disabled riders. However, it can be switched from automatic to manual mode, making it usable for other bicycle riders.

soon available self driving vehicle

One factor that makes this bicycle most appealing is its multiple modes. One can ride the bicycle either manually or on automatic steering and locomotion mode. Hence, one can use the bike anyway he wants.

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This bicycle uses GPS and smartphone technology and runs on wireless mobile networks. The rider just needs to send an SMS with location information and he would get to that place. Further, it uses mounted sensors for navigation purpose.

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According to reports, this feature of the bicycle makes it viable to be used for other purposes, like the bike-share systems.

The bicycle can be easily ridden by a driver to get to a new location and also sent back automatically to its station.

This bicycle is still in the prototype stage. However, the team of students is hoping that the bike gets ready within the year.