Indian Hotels Are Quite Appealing To Global Tourists: Survey

According to a recent survey, international travellers find the Indian hotels quite appealing. The satisfaction level (with Indian hotels of all sizes) of the global tourists is unmatched. Jaipur earned an above average global review rating in the year 2014.

Indian hotels increase appeal among global tourists

The survey by TripAdvisor described that the review rating for Indian accommodation witnessed a steady rise in the last 10 years. However, the average accommodation review rating trailed behind the global average. But, it should be noticed that the gap has been narrowed considerably in recent years.

It was revealed in the survey that the properties in Jaipur had the highest review rating (average) historically. Accommodations in Jaipur got an average review rating of 4.28, out of 5.

Followed by Jaipur, the properties in New Delhi, were given the second highest review ratings (of 4.12) by the international travellers.

Other review ratings were as follows:

Bengaluru- 4.09
Mumbai- 4.07
Kolkata- 3.85
Pune- 4.07

In the list of 10 top cities, Kolkata has been ranked at No.10, providing the most satisfaction to the travelers with properties.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that the global travellers are more interested in the Bed & Breakfast (B&B) scheme.

Analysis by room count revealed that since the last five years, the properties with 25 rooms or less received the highest review ratings (4.36 out of 5) by global travellers. However, properties having 251 rooms or more were also rated higher (4.05 out of 5).

Indian hotels for global tourists