Meet These 13 Words from Queen’s English that are Banned Now

Do you know that almost 13 words from Queen’s English are banned now in the New Year 2016? Yes, there are some words in the Queen’s English that are over used, misused or useless. Thus, they got banned by the Lake Superior State University.

13 Words from Queen's English that are Banned

This is the 41st annual list by the university. Have a look:


According to some, this word has become a replacement for the phrase – that is a problem. As per the Urban Dictionary, this word is a corporate-academic weasel word.

Walk it Back

To reverse the decision or retract the statement is what this phrase actually means.


This word seems familiar to the situation when seats in the buses or subways are not easy to locate.


This word is one of those words that are being overused by writers and sports broadcasters.

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Secret Sauce

This word describes any special technique or feature that is responsible for the success of an organization.


The word Stakeholder is highly overused in the business world.

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Some of the other words in the list are:

Vape Presser

Break the internet

Price point

Giving me life



This annual list is one of the hot topics of 2016. So, keep track with it.