New Intel Processor Will Wake Your Computer by Your Voice

Intel’s new Skylake processors have new features that will wake up your computer by your voice. If you shout ‘hey Cortana’ or ‘wake up Cortana’ at Windows 10 machine, then it will wake up your computer/PC from its lower power state.

New Intel Processor work with Your Voice

Once the computer wakes up, Cortana will take over and you will be able use the entire standard commands for voice. You can even tell Cortana to play music.

The company declared this new feature in San Francisco at the Intel Developer Forum. A similar kind of feature also appeared on Motorola’s Moto X and Microsoft’s Xbox One, but after the novelty wears off in those devices, you might find it easier to just turn machine ‘on’ in the regular normal way instead of yelling at it.

Intel didn’t clearly specify that how much this feature will affect the standby power or how much power would be drained by the always-listening mode.