No more encryption for iMessage, iPhones, FaceTime under UK Law

Under the new UK law, apple might stop encryption for iMessage, iPhones and FaceTime. Not just, apple, but, Google might also be forced to stop data encryption. The government officials the Apple company have always focused on how to maintain the privacy of data.

data encryption in uk law

IPhone users can easily encrypt their personal data with a password. However, the government officials want the access of de-encryption of such data for security measures.

According to the Investigatory Powers Bill, whenever any government agency would issue a warrant, apple, Google and other companies will have to give the access to the agencies.

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The companies are directed to keep a key to encrypted smartphones, so that they can provide data access to the government agencies.

According to reports, if this bill becomes a law, then the companies would have to stop encryption for its iPhones and services like iMessage, iPhones and FaceTime.

All the measures of the bill have not been revealed publically. But, according to reports, the internet companies might have to maintain the internet browsing data of every user for a period of about one year.

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Although this bill is a bit controversial, but is supported by Prime Minister David Cameron.