Tech Lovers Must Know These 10 Updates in 2015

These days, many updates about technology have surrounded the world. So, if you are a technology lover, then you must not miss out some important updates and news in 2015.

10 Updates for Tech Lovers

Some of the top updates are:

1. Tough time for Amazon, as a group of authors got teamed up, in order to fight Amazon. The Department of Justice has been asked by the Authors Unite for investigating the online retailer.

2.The US retailer Best Buy saw a great of Apple Watch. The sale is running so smoothly that the device would be sold in all of its stores, i.e. in 1,050 stores.

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3. A startup known as Shopa (the London shopping startup) is shutting down. In the month of February, the company raised £6.9 million ($11 million). But, it has now decided to wind and shut down.

4. Alibaba’s stock has fallen below its IPO (initial public offering) price. The CEO of the company said that the employees must not think about the stock market.

5. The new suite of Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows will be officially launched on 22nd of September. A leaked memo revealed Microsoft’s schedule for the launch of the software.

6. Recently, Snapchat hired its finance chief officer. The company’s acting CFO would be Drew Vollero.

7. A restaurant delivery service is being tested by Amazon. As of now, it has just made the services operational for its employees in Seattle.

8. The ban over Russian language version of Wikipedia has been cancelled by Russia. The version resulted into controversy in the country, amongst the internet users. On the other hand, few months back, Russia was involved in Yamal LNG Project that gained immense recognition and revenues for the country.

9. Recent news for Uber. Actually, Rio de Janiero voted in favorof the fact that Uber must be banned. Within 15 days, the law requires approval of the city’s mayor.

10. Bad news for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 lovers, as a design flaw has been found in it. If you would insert the stylus in it in a wrong way, it would cause permanent damage to your device.