Market Research Consultants and Agencies

Fastest Professional Multilingual Market Research Survey/ Services by Tridindia, leading market research agency having 4000+ native market research consultants for 200+ languages. We provide comprehensive research or survey report on business analysis, industry analysis, secondary research, company profiling, market feasibility, customer satisfaction, service benchmarking, pricing strategy, challenges in the rural market and so forth. Backed by experienced market research analysts, we carry out rigorous research in varied markets, segments, domains & industries, like technical, medical, legal, oil & gas, real estate, tourism, mining, hospitality, media, automobile, engineering, aviation and so on. On account of our vast experience in the industry, we have flourished as one of the leading and certified market research agencies in New Delhi NCR India UAE Mumbai Pune Chandigarh Noida Kolkata Amritsar Hyderabad Chennai Bangalore Ghaziabad Gurgaon and worldwide nations.

Market Research Consultants and Agencies

Hence today, we are listed among the most reliable and global market survey agencies that help both in surveying and researching the market plus translating the market research materials within shorter time frame. Typically, a consultancy refers to ‘expertise’ and agency refers to ‘expertise + manpower’. As a trusted brand in the translation industry, we have emerged both as the chief agency and consultancy for market research and its translation services. Not just this, we also provide high quality market research localization services and authentic market research interpretation services (under the guidance of multilingual market research interpreters) at highly affordable rates.

When Do You Actually Need To Hire Market Research Consultants and Agencies

1- When the organization needs to understand the demographics (income, geography, age, gender etc.) or psychographics (values, hobbies, preferences etc.) of the target audience
2- When an organization wishes to formulate new strategies for business growth
3-  When the companies wishes to discover the reason for product/service failure
4-  It is necessary before undertaking advertising campaigns
5- When an organization is deciding to explore a new market with a new or existing product or service
6- When the organisation needs to understand the likes and dislikes of the customers
7- It is needed to measure the effectiveness of advertising concept for a new product or service

Benefits of Hiring TridIndia as Your Market Research Consultants/Agency

The success and growth of business firms is directly proportional to the services rendered by a market research consultancy/agency. Thus, as a reputed brand name in the domain, we provide accurate and genuine market research information that acts as a roadmap to the clients for business expansion. Further, our market research services focus on triggering various pivotal areas, as per the clients’ specifications. The list below represents some of the clients’ requirements that are fulfilled by our team:-

  • Prospecting the potential customers
  • Assessing what to launch and what to modify
  • Ensures the amount of customer satisfaction
  • Determining the changing needs and habits of customers
  • Discovering how the products are consumed by the customers
  • Measuring the potency of marketing campaigns
  • Locating an area or region where a product or service has not yet introduced
  • Exploring the chances of new product launch in a new or existing market segment

Outsourcing such services to TridIndia can definitely direct your time, money and other resources towards a value-addition for your organization. Backed by a comprehensive network of professional market agents, we provide you the most accurate reports and surveys related to market research and current market scenario. Hence, if you wish to explore new markets, new segments or find ways to escalate services in your niche etc, then TridIndia is surely a name that you can rely on for precise research and surveys of market.

Research Process Overview

Our research process goes through 3 stages:-

1. Conceptualize

This stage involves-

  • Identifying initial hypotheses to make strategic choices
  • Support decision making by determining information needs
  • Develop prototype report for design and execution

2. Design

This stage involves-

  • Formulating questions to confirm or deny hypotheses
  • Articulate market research mix to create a plan for conducting surveys, reports, observations etc
  • Verify secondary sources before implementation

3. Execute

This stage involves-

  • Design sample based on target segments
  • Engage in surveys, observations, focus groups, interviews etc
  • Integrate data into prototype report and report back to the clients

Encompassing Wide Range of Industries

As a renowned consultant and agency, we provide market research services for ‘n’ number of industries. Some of them are described below:

  • Business Associations
  • Political Campaigns
  • Financial Services
  • Retail, Manufacturing and Wholesale
  • Non-Profit organisations
  • Technology
  • Food Industry and Agriculture
  • Education
  • Governmental Departments and Agencies
  • Health Care
  • Real Estate

Key Element of Our Services

1- Measurement of Customer Satisfaction
2- Market Access Studies
3- Turnaround & Growth Strategy
4- Marketing Strategy Development
5- Rural Research
6- Market Process Outsourcing

Customer Value Management

We endeavour to utilize the best marketing research methods, in order to deliver useful information for making appropriate decisions for your organization. This guides us in retaining an extraordinary level of client satisfaction along with value-addition to the prospective client.

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