Fastest professional Certified Certificate Translation Services at TridIndia by 4000+ native certificate translators for quality translation in 250+ languages for visas, diploma, birth certificate, marriage certificate, immigration documents and other types of certificates. Whether it is a corporate company, or simply an individual, all of them search for a certified certificate translation company due to the increasing need among people to grow global. Hence, we offer accurate certificate translation in New Delhi India UAE Chennai Mumbai Kolkata Amritsar Bangalore Chandigarh Hyderabad and worldwide.


Translation is needed, in order to eliminate any kind of language barrier. So, no matter, you are getting married, applying for a legal document, setting up your new business or performing any such task, you will require to enclose your identity certificates, for sure.

But what happens, when you move to a non-native country?

Will your certificates (in your mother tongue) serve the same purpose in the non-native nation as it used to in your home country?

The answer is ‘NO’.

If you are in a country that is non-native to you, then you will certainly require your certificates to get translated in the language of that specific country. Hence, to help you out, our certified team of translators, offer authentic translations in all Indian and foreign languages, such as Russian, French, English, Hindi, Spanish, Italian, Urdu, Tamil and so on.

Broadly speaking, you may require translation for certificates due to the following reasons:


Official Certification

Mere translation of a document or a certificate does not guarantee that it would be used for the official purposes. Hence, certification becomes necessary, as it creates a legal record. This, in turn will allow the certificate to be easily used for different official or legal matters. Thus, we stay in line with the governmental and industrial standards for translation.

We offer translations that are-

  • NSIC Certified
  • 9001:2015 ISO Certified
  • CRISIL Rated

Further, our organization has been accredited with

  • Certificate Of Incorporation
  • Import Export Licence Certified

In short, we make sure the translations rendered from our end are acknowledged as valid, by virtually any worldwide non-government or government organization.

Birth Certificates

Our team specializes in translating birth certificates into any language pair. Since our foundation, we are translating these certificates with sheer quality and accuracy. This certificate is one of the most important documents that every individual should have. It represents your identity; your existence. You may require the translation for this certificate in a multiple of immigration related matters, legal processes, university applications and others.

Death Certificates

It is an official document that declares the cause, location and date of a person’s death. Generally, this certificate is required for purposes such as claiming the life insurance, arranging for cremation or burial and contesting a person’s will. Further, the certificate can also be used to determine whether the death was accidental or the person was murdered. Hence, it is necessary that these certificates must be translated under the vigilance of certified certificate translators.


Marriage Certificates

Whether it is immigration, travel to a foreign nation or other related matter, you may definitely require a translated marriage certificate. Suppose, you wish to apply for permanent residence in a non-native country, then you would need to provide a translated version of this certificate. It is basically a proof of your marriage. To put it in simple words, it represents that you are a legally wedded couple. This document/ certificate can sometimes be referred as a marriage license, certificate of matrimony or wedding license.

Immigration & Legal Documents

We translate all types of legal and immigration documents with the commitment of fastest turnaround. We understand how urgently you might need a precise translation of such documents. Therefore, we make sure that we are in line with the count-down timer plus the quality standards. So, if you are in need of urgent immigration translation, we can certainly help you out.

Certificates Translated

Internship Certificate Medical Certificates
Adoption Documents Divorce Certificates
Police Clearance Documents and Certificates Legal Documents
Government Papers Registration Papers
Insurance Papers Degree and Diploma Certificates
Bank Statements Corporate Documents and Certificates
Passports and Related Documents Driving License, Voter ID and Pan Cards
Character Certificates School Certificates
Immigration Certificate and Immigration Documents Custom Documents
Recommendation Letters Sales Receipts
Wills Academic Degrees & Transcripts

And more

Languages offered

We cover all Indian and foreign languages for the certificates. Some of them are mentioned below –


Certified Translation Services

Companies that operate globally generally require authentic translation of their certificates. Hence, keeping this in view, we always offer the translation for all types of certificates in any language pair demanded by the client. The documents are translated by our dexterous team and accompanied with a signed Certificate of Accuracy. So, you can be rest assured that the translations rendered from our end are certified as accurate. With this, the translated document or certificate gets authorized for submission to an extensive array of official bodies. Whether it is a company or an individual, we have always provided cost-effective translations within specified deadlines. Further, we follow a customer centric approach. Thus, we leave our competitors behind, in terms of accuracy, quality, cost-effectiveness and excellence.

Our translations are accepted by –

  • Financial services
  • Adoption agencies
  • Courts and legal services
  • Immigration services
  • Corporate compliance requirements
  • Medical institutions
  • Academic institutions
  • And other professional organizations

Notarized Certificate Translation

We offer notarized translations for all types of business documents, legal documents, immigration documents and varied other professional documents. These translations are offered under the guidance of the specialized translators.

Three steps are involved in these types of translation –

  • The source file must be present in its original language.
  • The translated file must be present in its target language (as per the client).
  • An affidavit must be signed by the translation company representative, stating that the translation company or the translator believes the provided translation output to be complete and accurate.

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