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Fastest professional Content Translation Services at TridIndia by 4000+ certified Content translators in 250+ languages for all web, digital, media, audio video and social media content. Not just this, we also translate all types of content for all industries, like academic, legal, tourism, engineering, marketing, technical, medical, hospitality, life science, business and more. In short, we are a one stop solution, which lets you grab accurate content translation services in New Delhi India UAE Mumbai Amritsar Chandigarh Bangalore Chennai Kolkata Hyderabad and worldwide. So, no matter where you are located, our content translation company has got you covered all over the world with the most authentic form of translation.


☞ Types of Content Translated

At TridIndia, we are backed by professional translators who are highly talented at translating all types of content in multiple languages. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Website Content : As clearly understood by the name, this type of content involves the translation every specific element present on the website, including the textual, aural or visual content. This may include images, documents, personal Web pages, e-services, data, applications, archived e-mail messages and more.

2. Digital Content : Any content that is in the form of digital data is known as digital content and we translate it with full dedication and quality assurance. Such content generally includes information, which is streamed, broadcasted digitally or contained in computer files.

3. Media Content : Content related to different forms of media is generally covered this type of translation. Hence, we translate all types of media content delivered through television, magazines, live events, audio CDs, internet, books, conferences and more.

4. Open Content : This content generally refers to a creative piece of work, which is allowed to be retained, redistributed, reused, remixed and revised by others. According to the needs of the client, we translate such content in multiple language pairs.

5. Audio Video Content : This type of content is generally used by marketers to persuade customers, make them aware etc. Such type of content may include translation for brand films, documentaries, animated videos, product videos, video emails, testimonials and many more.

6. Free Content : This type of content, also known as libre content may refer to any sort of art work, creative work or functional work which does not have any legal restriction on public to improve the content, use the content, study the content and distribute copies of the same. it generally includes all works in the public domain.

7. Social Media Content : As the name suggests, anything posted on social networks refer to the social content. Thus, we translate for all such platforms with the highest level of precision. It may contain infographics, shareable quotes, list posts, concept visualizations and so on.

8. User-Generated Content : Any form of content which is created or generated by the users online is known as the user-generated content. It may contain chats, blogs, advertisements, wikis, tweets, discussion forums, digital images, podcasts, posts, video, audio files and so forth.

☞ Industries We Serve

We are supported by a full-fledged team of team of translators from different industry backgrounds. Therefore, we can translate all types of content related to any specific industry or business sector. Some of them are mentioned below:

Technical Medical
Commercial B2B marketing
Oil & gas Cosmetic
Media Defense
Manufacturing Education
Life science Digital marketing
Legal Agriculture
Entertainment Fashion
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☞ Languages Covered


☞ Highlights of TridIndia

There are multiple highlighting factors of TridIndia translation services that you should know before outsourcing our services-

Feasible and affordable translation rates
Work on multiple types of content in diverse languages
15+ years of experience in the translation industry
Handle projects very easily even in tight deadlines
Serve a large number of industries
3000+ language combinations
Fastest turnaround time
No hidden or extra charges
4000+ professional multilingual translators
Testing and quality assurance

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