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Fastest professional Infographics Translation Services at TridIndia by 4000+ certified Infographics translators in 250+ languages, file formats and for all industries, startups, global organizations, NGOs, MNCs etc. In the past few years, Infographics have become a great way to attract and engage customers towards your brand. But, if you are targeting a multilingual audience, a single piece of Infographics, in a single language, will not help you to reach to your goal. Thus, most of the companies get their Infographics translated in multiple languages. Our Infographics translation company consists of native experts who translate the text of Infographics into ‘n’ number of languages that you may ask for.

Today content is not about using text but visual representation of information that helps to grasp complex information rapidly and clearly. Infographics helps in collecting data, organizing it and turns it into easy to understand image. These impacts on the readers mind and help them in remembering and retaining a particular piece of content. Though it has great advantage but sometimes it becomes ineffective when you have to convey vast majority of population of different language. This is where the service of translation is needed when you’ve to convey accurately without any doubt. Without effective translation you may face unfavorable situations like:

• Unambiguous communication: Without translation, your Infographics data means nothing to the user. It won’t convey any message to readers of different language and it will be neglected by them. There’s likely a chance that your graphical data might be misinterpreted by other conveying wrong message.

• Damaging user experience: It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual blogger or organization, your customers can come from any part of the world. They first like to go through your website and other online profile to research about. If information is not as per their native language, their experience will get hamper and they will go away.

• Hindering credibility: Infographics is directly related to the brand image and messaging. Without translation, your audiences won’t be able to get complete picture about what you stand and what your brand is. The name of your organization will remain in shadow.

☞ Type of Infographics We Translate

Mixed charts Informational / List Timeline
How-to Process Comparison
Location Photo-graphic Hierarchical
Single chart TimeLine Research
Activities Guide to Tips/ ways to
The visual Article Flow Chart Useful Bait
Data Visualization The VS Infographics And much more

☞ Benefits of Infographics Translation

Infographics is considered Elearning material that has variety of sub topics. Translation on other hand helps in breaking down information into digestible form and in multiple languages. A well translated Infographics helps in making your content interactive in front of multilingual audiences. You’ll be able to grab their attention and promote in any way you desire.

• Improves End User Experience: By converting your Infographics as per the language of user not only makes it interactive but, from readers point of view, it also improves their user experience. Even readers will appreciate your effort and will see you as an important brand over internet.

• Connect With Your Audience: Infographics is being used by companies around the world to strengthen their brand. Translation on other hand enhances the capabilities of your design by making it communicable to wider audiences. This serves as an effective means to create brand awareness.

• Makes Your Content Go Viral: A well translated Infographics gets high number of likes and share over social media. It makes your content go viral around the world. It enhances the visibility of your brand generate credibility of your organization.

The mind of the audiences is becoming visual centric and they prefer information in creative image format. Translation helps in making your effort effective by making it to communicate correctly and precisely.

☞ Why Translate With Us?

♦  Translation in more than 250 languages.
♦  Well proficient translators; ensuring accurate translation of Infographics material.
♦  Capable in handling heavy work orders.
♦  Rapid turnaround time.
♦  Encrypted and Secured file sharing panel.
♦  Experienced Translators; well versed with all format

At Tridindia, we provide accurate translation of all your marketing and graphics materials that gives organization better audience coverage over social media. Our translation work is of outstanding quality and it’s widely accepted around the world.

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