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Fastest professional Market Research Translation Services at TridIndia by 4000+ certified Market Research translators for quality translation in 250+ languages for all types of market research materials. We work for all types of MNCs, NGOs, private, technical, government and other sectors like academic, legal, real estate, mining, life science, engineering, medical and more. Further, we offer accurate Market Research Translation Services in New Delhi India UAE Mumbai Chennai Chandigarh Kolkata Bangalore Hyderabad Amritsar and numerous other countries across the globe. So, no matter where you are located or which industry you deal with, our Market Research Translation Company can serve you with high quality translation within stipulated time frame.

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TridIndia: The Only Point Of Contact

Conducting market research requires a thorough understanding of the target language. Failure to grasp this would result in waste of time, efforts and other resources. Committing for flawless and effective translation services, we are the central point of contact for all your requirements related to translations. Our team has a substantial knowledge in market research translation as well as working experience with a number of industry agencies. Thus, our team ensures to deliver error-free translation services within the supposed time frame.

Scope of Our Market Research Translation Services

  • Consumer/B2B research
  • Focus groups
  • Telephone interviews, Telephone surveys
  • Brand/ad testing
  • Podcasts
  • Brief reports, Discussion guides
  • Questionnaires, Questionnaire results
  • Email invitations
  • Online surveys, Customer/employee satisfaction surveys
  • Audio opinion polls, Open-ended responses
  • In-depth interviews, Breakout interviews
  • New product development

And the list continues……..

Our Team

Unlike other translation companies, our team boasts of native translators and project managers who have had experience working with market research companies. To put in simple words, we understand the real world and hence, can handle all sorts of cultural and language challenges encountered in international research projects.  Therefore, our team is the ideal ‘lot’ of professionals that can help you out with diverse range of documents or materials related to market research.

Indicators of Flawless Market Research Translation Services

As a renowned global entity, we always aim towards rendering accurate translation of market research materials to help the clients in exploring overseas markets. Thus, to accomplish our task with utmost authenticity, we see to it that the following conditions are fulfilled: –

• Meaningful Conclusions

The translation for market research should not be limited to a straightforward translation of existing words. Our team ensures that all the questionnaires, surveys, reports etc demonstrate a clear picture of the social and cultural norms of a location. Further, the questions are translated in a manner that leads to meaningful conclusions.

• Flawless Final Result

In order to streamline the market research translation and render a flawless final result, we ensure that the translation encompasses the usage of appropriate terms, phrases and jargons to assure the smooth functioning of the translated project.

• Timeliness And Affordability

We have on board with us, a multilingual market research team that commits to ensure accuracy and perfection in the translation assignment. To maximize clients’ credibility, we deliver the translation projects in a timely manner at very nominal prices.

Key Elements That Ensure Quality

• Target Locale

target localeTo assure that the meaning of any statement or question is correctly understood by the local respondents, we deploy a skilled and professional team who undergoes a thorough analysis of the target audience. This helps us to deliver the translation services in line with the socio-cultural, linguistic, political and economical background of the target segment.

• Linguistic Accuracy

To ensure that our translation services render the maximum benefits and profits to the clients, we assure that all our translators:
1. Are native speakers of the language
2. Specialize in a wide range of fields
3. Possess immense expertise in translating market research material

• Project Management

Project ManagementAs the deadlines in the corporate world are often tight, therefore, our team of veteran translators see to it that the translation services are rendered within the time frame. Also, our team is well trained in structuring and prioritizing projects that enables them to deliver complete client satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?

Although, there are multiple reasons to choose or outsource us, yet, we have mentioned some of them as follows:

  • 15+ years of experience in translation domain
  • Professional team with practical experience in the market research field
  • Competitive prices
  • 100% privacy and confidentiality
  • Accurate output
  • Quick response to client’s query
  • Fastest turnaround time

Value Addition to Your Market Research

To ensure that our client received value-added services, therefore we assign a project manager at the service of the clients. The clients can anytime enquire about the progress of the translation project from the project manager. As well as, if the client requires adding or deleting some information from the source document/file, then he is free to do so. Thus, we deploy a consultative approach that facilitates us in establishing close co-ordination and relation with the valued clients.

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