Petrofac Sharjah

☞ Overview of the Company

Petroface-logoPetrofac is a reputed FTSE 250 company that renders integrated services across the oil & gas field in 29 countries, 7 operating centers and 31 offices worldwide. With a 34-year track record, Petrofac has grown significantly to support its huge customer base for unlock the potential of their assets. Further, the company is quoted on the London Stock Exchange and is known to be one of the most culturally diverse companies in the world with more than 80 nationalities.

☞ Challenges Faced By the Company

The company faced challenges for the following:

■ Translation of AutoCAD drawing
■ Translation of PDF files
■ Translation of MS Excel files
■ Translation of MS word files

☞ TridIndia Solutions

In line with the requirements served by the client, we:

■ Translated the scan PDF into the target language
■ Localized them as per the target language
■ Modified the graphics, fonts and text size
■ Maintained the specific engineering terminology

☞ Level of Satisfaction

After completing and delivering the translated assignment to Petrofac, the company was highly delighted to see the final output. They even quoted us, saying “We admire your capability to deliver the small and large translation assignments within time frame and also with such dexterity”

This appreciation from their end was just like an energy dose for our team and since then our team started to inculcate more passion and perfection in their translation skills, in order to render 100% satisfaction to the management of Petrofac. Today, it’s been a long journey of our association with Petrofac and still we have preserved the same consistency in the quality of translations. Petrofac is so satisfied with our translation services that we receive 1 lakh words per day for translation from the company.

“Devoted for Timely Translations, Quality Culmination and Customer Satisfaction”

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