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Partnership Success Story

TridIndia IT Translation Services Pvt. Ltd enjoyed a long and successful journey business relationship with one of the giants of the oil and gas processing industry. This global company with a portfolio of leading international service provider renders integrated services across the oil & gas field in 29 countries, 7 operating centers and 31 offices worldwide has initially partnered with TridIndia to translate their PDF, MS Excel, Word file into 3 international languages i.e. Russian, German and French with the relevance of engineering terminology. The range of projects undertaken amply demonstrates our ability to drive efficiency while bringing efficiency in facilitating communication on clients behalf across the international border.

Petrofac Profile

With a 34-year track record, Petrofac will be marking its 35th anniversary in 2018. The companies heartbeat with the engineering expertise to design, build, operate and maintain oil and gas facilities to support its huge customer base to unlock the potential of their assets. Further, the company is also marked it’s prestigious position on the London Stock Exchange and is known to be one of the most culturally diverse companies in the world with more than 80 nationalities.

Challenges Faced By the Company

The company encountered the following challenges:

● Translation of AutoCAD drawing, PDF files, MS Excel files, MS word files

● Petrofac needs the translation of these marketing materials files into the following languages: Russian, French and German which require different modes of interpretation.

● On top of this, they demand that the linguists must possess a high level of knowledge regarding oil and gas industry-specific terminology in these three prior languages.

● Translation must be streamlined to the discussions of technical oil and gas processing and concepts – the interpreters need to be familiar with these in order to best relay information to the audiences.

● Highest-quality interpretation services, outstanding skills from project managers, linguists, and technicians are required

How We Overcome Petrofac Challenges

As the translation of multiple languages is at the core of TridIdia solutions, in line with the requirements served by the client, we have encompassed their expectations by:

● Appointing our finest technical translator, localization, and proofreading experts

● providing not just the nuanced translation of the text involved, but also high-quality complimentary services such as scan PDF and localized them into the target language

● Adapting engineering terminology materials for three diverse audiences of the Petrofac and modified the graphics, fonts and text size accordingly to make it visually interactive

● Maintained the quality even after the unexpected and last minute changes in scheduling

● Our translation team has successfully completed – on time and within budget

Level Of Satisfaction

The quality translations TridIndia delivers for the Petrofac has widened their approach and strengthen their feet in international market firmly. Their level of satisfaction even quoted us, “TridIndia and their dedicated team have made it easy and efficient to localize the content we need to communicate with our employees across Europe”.

Thanks to our ambient experience for coordinating large-scale projects of this caliber, and in numerous multilingual languages while compelling the best solutions for almost any complicated situation. While each solution is individually adapted to our clients’ needs, and our leverage expertise in translating field is today witnessing approx figure of 10 lakh Dollar of Work Order from this single project of Petrofac and still we are working on their next project. Our competencies have kept our cooperation with this client across translation projects ever since. Petrofac is so satisfied with the translation services that we receive 1 lakh words per day for translation from the company.

“Devoted for Timely Translations, Quality Culmination and Customer Satisfaction”

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