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Get exceptional quality Telugu Translation Services in Delhi NCR India UAE Dubai by Reputed Telugu Translation Company with Native Translators, ISO Certified, 100% quality and stratification. This is mainly because of the quality work delivered from our end. Since years, we have been rendering quality translation into/ from Telugu language for a multiple of industries. Hence, we can be the right match for you, if you are searching for authentic translation at negligible rates. Furthermore, we also offer urgent translation facility to our deemed clients for Tamil and all other language translation that we offer. This type of translation is meant for clients, who need the translated text in an urgent situation. Thus, we deliver such translation within 24 to 48 hours.

Telugu Translation Services in Delhi India UAE NCR Dubai

Features of Telugu Language

  • It is widely spoken in Yanam, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
  • It ranks at the 15th position when it comes to counting the most-spoken languages worldwide.
  • This language has almost 74 million native speakers in India.
  • Major dialects of Telugu are East Godaveri, Vadaga, Yanadi, Berad, Vishakhapatnam, Dasari, Nellore, Kamathi, Dommara, Konda-Reddi, Guntur, Golari, Rayalseema, Komtao, Srikakula, Salewari and Vadari.
  • This language is also spoken in the US by Telugu diaspora.

Importance of Telugu Translation

• India

IT, ITes, textile, automotive and biotechnology are some of the top industries in Andhra Pradesh that lure a major chunk of investors from all over the world. Hence, Telugu translation becomes a need to understand the market, demographics and varied other factors. Further, to cater the Telugu speaking community, this translation is highly essential.


There are a number of industries in UAE that seem attractive to the Telugu speaking entrepreneurs. Hence, to expand their business, they demand for Telugu translation. This can be used in several industries and domains. Also, there is a significant amount of Indian migrants from South India. Hence, they can be reached out through quality translation.

Extensive Applications of Telugu Translation

Telugu translation has wide applications in today’s modern era. It is highly used in different industries or sectors, like:

1. Literature Translation

Literature works are highly demanded for Telugu translation. Our translators translate all types of literature works within the stipulated time frame. The translations are passed through varied quality checks and complete review. Hence, one can be rest assured about the quality rendered by us.

2. Medical Translation

With great knowledge of the medical subjects and field, our medical translators offer authentic translation in several language combinations. Some of the areas in which we offer translation are: Anesthesia, Endoscopy, Dentistry, Toxicology, Cardiology and various others.

3. Certificate Translation

Certificates are another type of documents that are highly demanded for translation. We translate all sorts of certificates, like police clearance certificates, diploma certificates, medical certificates, registration papers, school certificates, adoption certificates and so on.

4. Travel Translation

Travel industry is one of those industries where translation is demanded at every point. To capture a global audience, the travel info, websites, software and documents must be translated into different languages. Keeping this in mind, we translate all types of travel related stuff into ‘n’ number of languages and dialects.

Negligible Rates and Quality at Your Service

With guaranteed quality, we also guarantee feasible rates for the translation. No matter, you demand for the regular translation or urgent translation; the rates would be certainly friendly to your pocket. As far as the scope of our services is concerned, we can assure you that we offer translation for all industries and sectors. Additionally, we follow a step wise procedure to render quality translation. So, you are at the right place, when you are with us.

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