With flawless Translation Services in Greek, we emerged as the paramount Greek Translation Services Agency, in the market. We have adopted a stringent three-phase quality control process for all our translation projects, which includes meticulous editing and proof-reading once the translation has been done. Translation is one of the most crucial functions that organizations need to outsource today, and this must be entrusted only to a service provider with a distinguished track-record of brilliant performance. TridIndia has a highly impressive track-record of providing Greek Translation Services in varied fields and sectors.

Greek Translation Services

Interesting Facts about the Greek Language

• The Greek Language belongs to the Hellenic Branch of the Indo-European Family of Languages, and happens to be one of the oldest languages of the word that is widely spoken even today.

• With about 12 million native speakers as of today, Greek is also a prominent language because a large number of epics and historical literature of the Ancient Western Civilizations (Greek and Roman) have been originally written in Greek.

• Greek is the present-day official language of Greece and Cyprus, while it is recognized and spoken as a minority language in parts of Italy, Albania, Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine and Armenia.

• In addition to Modern Standard Greek, there are several regional dialects of Greek such as Pontic, Griko and Tsakonian.

Scope of Greek Translation Services

The scope of translation services in Greek is immense, and in case you are on the lookout for reliable Greek Translators, you definitely need to look out for native linguists with relevant experience in the required field:-

1- Greek Translation Services for Historical Research

For all research scholars who want to study the ancient texts and treatises of the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, the importance of accurate Greek Translation Services is of prime importance. Only if the translation is done with pin-point precision, can the research be carried out in a systematic manner for tangible in-sights. TridIndia has on board with it, a team of native Greek Translators with experience in the field of Historical Research.

2- Greek Translation Services in Hospitality and Tourism

Greece is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Europe. In order to enhance tourist experience in Greece, we provide full-fledged Greek to English and English to Greek Translation Services for the Tourism and Hospitality Sector.

3- Literary Translation Services in Greek

We specialize in translating literary texts of all kinds from Greek to English and English to Greek. Our experienced literary Greek Translators have undertaken translation for several leading publishing houses.

4- Academic Translation Services in Greek

From translation of curriculum books in Greek, to the high quality translation of E-Learning Modules, we have the best academic translation solutions available for you at TridIndia.

5- Greek Translation and Localization Services

• Websites for all sectors
• Software for all sectors
• Video Games of all formats
• Mobile Apps- Android, iOS, Windows

6 – Media Translation Services in Greek

Our Media Translators are well-versed with the translation of News Reports and other media content. In the age of globalization, we enable crystal-clear communication between entities in Greek Language.

Customized Greek Language Services

We aim at customizing our Greek Language Services to meet your requirements. In addition to providing cost-effective, high quality and well-nuanced Greek Translation Services, we also provide Greek Transcription, Interpretation and Website Localization Services. Our Project Manager will be pleased to discuss your requirements!

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