5 Tips to Consider before Writing Content for Social Media

Social media serves as a great tool to many blogger, content writer and even news publishing companies in distributing information to mass audiences. It is a best platform to generate followers, engagements and sharing any type of content including pictures, audio, video. Though the platform is great and provides interactive way to promote your work to mass audience. But one must consider following points to create content that’s appealing and worth sharing.

♦ Knows Your audiences

This is very important for any content writer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, YouTuber or Podcast, the first thing you need to do is to find out what king of content your audience want. Rather than wasting your efforts and readers time, it better to spend some time in analyzing audiences demand and what kind of information they are willing to read. Remember your post must serve the purpose of your audiences.

♦ Preparation and Planning

Once you get to know your audiences, it’s time to find out what you going to write and how you going to write. In what you’re going to write you need to focus on relevant topics that will generate engagement and interest among your readers; and in how you write you need to plan a flow deciding the content type and information that you would like to put in. A professional content writer always plans first and then writes the most beautiful engagement content.

♦ Interesting headlines

Always remember, your headlines tell a lot about you post. It doesn’t matter whether your post is short or long, great headline rule. Let’s say you are writing a post on home decoration, rather than writing tips on home decoration you can enhance and write 5 essential tips to make your home superior. The content with attractive headlines generate more traffic, likes and share over social media.

♦ Longer the better

Instead of writing a 100, 200 or 400 word content, why don’t you provide content with detail analysis such as pros and cons? The purpose of your content should be to provide relevant information and respecting reader’s time. Users search in internet to get aware about something and they click your link in a hope that you might provide useful content. This further helps in generating credible, followers and reputation of your page and platform.

♦ Use Images and Videos

The uncanny thing that most of the content writers do is using texts in all their content. You need to utilize and make use of other tools also such as graphs, images, videos, audio, etc. This makes your content appealing and helps users in further engaging letting them to grab information completely. A single image can covey thousands words; rather than reading all time consuming texts your readers prefer images that could explain them better.

♦ Don’t repeat same content over and over

Finally the last tip, right a unique content. Sometime your users get frustrated when they see same content in their news feed. Providing a content that’s unique and never written provide peace of mind to audience. even users also welcomes and click to those content which are different and add value in their life.


There are millions of posts shared over social media every day. In order to get many followers, like and share they need to follow social media content writing tips to deliver engaging posts. Today face book and other social media platform has become more careful and make sure that only content that quality may pass.

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