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You may very well know that a pending legal case can have serious repercussions if not handled in the right manner. Now, what if the other party involved in the case is someone who speaks a different language than yours? Any confusion or misinterpretation in any of the clauses mentioned in the documents can result in life-altering situations. This is where legal document translation becomes highly pivotal for you. Even if the language mentioned in the document is your second or third language, you may not be able to clearly grasp the message as legal language is very different from the regular language we use in our daily lives.

Depending on the nature and length of the document, communicating the right message may become more difficult in the absence of translation. Therefore, you need to be very serious about translation when a document involves two or more languages. Here in this blog, we will explore why you should look out for quick document translation in Chennai. So, scroll down and let’s get started.

1. Required By Law

Most of the institutions, banks, and courts require legal documents from foreign nations to be notarized and translated into the native language. Hence, if the legal documents are to be produced, for example, in a bank, the bank may not accept them due to the language barrier. with professionals working on your project, you can be rest assured that the translated files will be A1 in terms of quality, notarized, certified and in line with the authority’s translation requisites.

2. Wrong Punctuation Can Be Perilous

Just right a paragraph on a piece of paper without using any punctuation marks. When you will read it, you will find that the complete meaning of the paragraph is changed. No use of punctuation marks or wrong use of punctuation can adversely affect what you are trying to convey to the audience. Therefore, if a legal contract misses even a single comma, the interpretation of the terms and conditions may completely alter.

3. Google Translate Is Not Human

The war between Google translate and human translation is never ending. Though Google translate may offer an acceptable level of translation for general texts, it may not deliver quality and consistency in legal translation. The language written in legal documents is very difficult to decipher; even natives may find it difficult to understand the actual message. Machines are programmed to perform a specific type of translation. Therefore, the context, style, tone, etc. are often left neglected. On the contrary, human translators (professionals basically) deeply understand the importance of language consideration, use the correct equivalent of legal terminologies, and pay clear attention to the context and meaning of the message.

4. To Avoid Malpractice

Most of the business owners often rely on their corporate lawyers and others to handle legal dealings on their behalf. If the one who is responsible for handling legal matters does not get the documents translated by professionals and things turn out to be awry, he or she may be held responsible for the damages that follow. To avoid these situations, one should only look forward to professional translators who possess years of experience in translating.

5. Constant Coordination

While you join hands with a professional translation company, you are in constant coordination with project managers who answer all your questions related to translation. On the other hand, if you choose Google translate, you have no option than to accept whatever has been delivered by it. In the case of any confusion, you can at least contact the service provider and cross-check the meaning of a particular clause in the contract. However, that is not possible with a machine. So, you clearly know the right option.

Seek Professional Help

Legal translation is no kid’s play. Believing in the notion that any bilingual individual can translate for you is completely wrong. Translators acquire professional education to be able to convert a file from one language to another, keeping the context and meaning unaltered. Today, be it urgent education translation in Mumbai or legal translation in the US, business owners are looking out for certified translation firms to carry out this complex task. So, try to understand the significance of translation and seek professional help.

At TridIndia, our legal translators are completely dedicated towards delivering quality translation within the fastest turnaround. If you have a legal document and are looking for certified translation, we are here to help. To know more, reach out to our project managers at +91-8527599523 or simply write to us at


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