Top Haunted Places in Karnataka – Real Ghost Stories

Are you aware of the Most Haunted Places in Karnataka that surely scare the hell out of you. Karnataka is mainly known for its awesome culture, tradition and legacy. The place is bounded by an array of amazing destinations such as Bangalore (IT Hub), Mysore (Garden City of India), Hampi (group of monuments) and many more. Just to add the little bit of goosebumps experience, we are bringing you the spookiest places that you can voyage along with your friends. Do tell us if you see anything out of this world when you visit these scariest places of Karnataka.

Haunted Mansion At Bangalore

Situated at St Marks Roads, this spooky house belong to two Anglo sister named as Vera Vaz and Dolce Vaz. The younger sister, Dolce was murdered by unknown assailant at the age of 75 in front of her sister. As per the tale, her body was buried in the house and many today many people claimed that they have seen a ghost making paranormal activities, mysterious noises, piano noise and apparition of a lady. Today this property is deserted and nobody wants to live here anymore or buy this property. Because of this, the mansion was demolished but still the stroke of spookiest remains especially at night.

Kastoorbha Medical College At Manipal

This well famous medical institution is also being renowned as the haunted institution. Numerous of people claimed that they have seen a ghost at the stairways of Kastoorbha Medical College. Many say that it is the ghost of a person who’s trapped at the 8th floor of this college building. At present, no one is allowed to roam here at night as many have claimed that it is highly dangerous to be in here. Simply no one wants to experience psychic or mystical happening that could scare the hell out of you.

Haunted House At Udupi

At first, you might think of this place as a finest weekend getaway destination but wait till you a soul wandering around the house. It has been told that it’s a spirit of a reputed person. He’s used to have a good standing at the committee and locals. When he found that his son has taken a path of crime he couldn’t bear it and committed suicide. He died in a vein of his son and in the present day many people has seen his soul wandering around the house restlessly. There are hardly any people that dare to enter this deserted house.

Victoria Hospital at Bangalore

The word hospital gives a bit of panic and this one right here is certainly not suited for your treatment. Peoples have reported lots of paranormal activity. The psychic dread of this place was also being reported in by media where they have given it a tagline- Hungry Ghost. It mainly appears in the surrounding area of the morgue. As per the locals, they has seen a impish ghost that used to swallow team from students cup. These spirits are the hungriest and thirstiest one plus not the one to say hi.

Ballalbagh at Mangalore

This place is being haunted since 2007 at an under construction building. Situated at near Shree Devi College, m countless people have reported that they has seen an apparition of a lady pleading for help to local visitors. She’s carries a child along with her and when any passerby tries to help her out, they gets surprised by seeing that there’s no one was there. The entire building is empty and many have reported that they have listened sound of newly born baby.

Bangalore International Airport

You might never think that even an Airport could be scary, right? This Airport is well famous infrastructure which is a state of art. Other than that, an unusual activity has also been recorded here and that’s why this is the most haunted airports. So next time when you plan for next Surprise Tour, do make sure to stop here for a while. As per the source, the ghost has mostly been seen at cargo section and many have even confirmed the spirit in infrared.

Sixty Graves At Bijapur

It has been told that Afzal khan, who was the ruler long time ago, killed his 63 wives at this place. He did this because of the prophecy made by his astrologer. He forecasted that Afzal Khan will lose the war against Shivaji and would certainly die in war. He then took his wives to the outer city and killed all of them. He pushed them one by one into the well and when two of them tried to escape they were killed by soldier. As of now many people has heard the noise coming out from the well shouting And praying to someone save them.

Witch haunting at Kumta

One never knows when you might get to see a ghost of an evil witch at the road of the Muroor. As per the tale of passerby’s, they have seen a ghost of a wicked witch that hunts and float alongside when they travel through car. The worst case scenario is when someone travels here on foot. As per the locals, it’s better not to come across as anyone who sees her gets sick instantaneous.

This was it folks, hope you enjoyed the reading ever bit of it. So next times you travel to Karnataka make sure that you visit these spooky places for chilled put feeling. It is the best manner to explore these haunted spots if traveling with friends. By doing so, you can easily reduce the panic attack level. To have a more local tour experience, it is good to plan your trip with interpreter cum tour guide at TridIndia. With detailed knowledge of Karnataka’s culture, tradition, must-visit sightseeing, historical facts, living style, and everything, interpreters will help you to discover the secret local spots that you otherwise will never experience when travel alone independently.

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