Top Haunted Places in Shimla – Real Ghost Stories

Shimla is a famous hill station that attracts tourists towards it. The most haunted places in Shimla are other things that might remain unexplored by travelers, but are believed to be ideal spots to chill your spine. There are so many recreational spots for you to see and furthermore brings summer retreat because of hills, trees and mountainous view. But the place that looks so beautiful at daytime can also looks scary at night. Same principle goes here also with lots of spookiest place along with ghost tales that will shock the spine out of you. One will definitely get a chilly feeling and Goosebumps no matter how brave you are and weak hearten people must avoid traveling here.

Tunnel 33

The story goes by when India was under the British rule and Shimla was the summer retreat for most of the officers. Captain Barog, who was the British engineer, assigned a responsibility to construct en-routing Shimla Kalka highway so that rail head can be constructed. But he failed to accomplish this task and was highly humiliated by Supervisors. He couldn’t tolerate and felt defamed. Out of frustration he committed suicide and today many locals have seen a ghost of him, Captain Barog, roaming in the tunnel, walking on rail track and suddenly disappearing in air. People who have seen this sight were freighted and during at night locals people refrain coming here.

Charleville Mansion

The mansion in look wise is creepy that gives a strange feeling to visitors. Situated at lush green hills, it is a century old abandoned castle that as constructed in British Era. As per the tale, it was the home of Victor Bayley, British officer who used to live here with his wife. Before them, an army officer also used to live here and they have reported mysterious event inside the house. As per their claim- they’ve seen an apparition of British gentlemen who slowly disappears by breaking and crashing things in house. His activities are quite aggressive and distressing. Today at present, this mansion is owned by an Indian family and locals till days have reported man moving, ghostly figure and hanging inside house giving a terrifying sight.

Indira Gandhi Medical College

Situated at Lakkar Bazaar, it’s the largest medical institution in entire Himachal Pradesh and on other hand it is also the spookiest place where staff has complained many mysterious activities and patient along with their families and doctor have seen unusual happening in lift, rooms and corridors. Many has shared that they have came across spirit being pushed from behind followed by screams, weird and strange voices. As per the local, the spirit is of the dead people who passed away at hospital. By the side of college, there’s a forest road where you get to see the ghost of orange seller suddenly disappearing in air.

Convent of Jesus & Mary

There are several stories prevailing in this school but most of them appear to be rumor. As per the locals, a headless horseman comes in front and offers a rose to girl. He kills who doesn’t agree and the one who agree he take along. It has been told that the play area of a school cemetery of orphans who got burnt during British rule. Many have seen a ghost of young girl who keep on asking for her doll. In 2012, two boys of 4th standard were found dead. As per claimed by friend and family, they committed suicide.

The Ghost of Dhukani

Dhukani is name of a house and as per locals it is being haunted by ghost of an old man, a British person wearing a gown who shot himself. When Sir John Smith came here to stay, he encountered a ghost in a gown of old man in the same room where he shoot himself and committed suicide. Even today many says that the place is being haunted by same man and some of them even felt spooky and chilly as if someone passed right through them.

So next time when you visit Shimla do visit this place along with your friends and tell us if you have seen something frightening. Though we are not sure whether you’ll encounter ghost or not but visiting these places for the sake of fun are itself breathtaking. If you want to discover more hidden and mysterious stories of local places and more than 500 years of history of Shimla, then you must join hands with knowledgeable interpreter cum tour guide. This way, you can learn the cultural etiquette, behavior at religious sites, discover unknown stories, and lots more with the authentic local flavor. We have a team of local interpretation experts with nuanced destination knowledge, who allows you to experience the destination just like a local person of Shimla.

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