Chilean Embassy In New Delhi, India

The Chilean Embassy in New Delhi, India boasts of a number of objectives and functions, the most prominent being: promoting exchange initiatives with technological innovation, Safeguarding and protecting the interests of Chile in India, Promoting Chile as outsourcing and offshoring destination and promoting visits between Chile and India.


Necessary Documents

■ 6 months validity passport from the date of application
■ Precisely filled visa application form
■ Covering letter from the Applicant. It should state the reason of your visit to Chile
■ Income Tax returns describing the last three years
■ Accurate Bank statement for the past 6 months
■ Original Invitation letter from Chile, if going for business or employment purpose


Value Added Services


1. Hotel for Accommodation

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3. Excursion

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Urgent Need of Translation

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Easy To Contact

Whether you require any type of service, i.e. travel arrangements or translation, you can easily contact us for briefing about your requirements. We are just a call or mail away. Our dedicated team is always ready to serve your requirements (within our business scope) and would be delighted to provide you the authentic solutions, both for language translation and travel arrangements.

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