Industry Verticals

Find search or hire professionals from diverse Industry Verticals at TridIndia that is recruiting job seekers since 10+ years for global sectors, like IT, multilingual, academics, government, private, MNCs, NGOS, legal, aviation, technical, publishing, retail, sports, fashion, finance and other industries. In simple words, we help the companies (from any industry) and the candidates (from any industry background) to find the right match for their specific manpower and career needs respectively.

Although, we work for all the major verticals in the business world, yet we have mentioned some of them for you:

IT & Technical Hospitality
Finance Automotive
Engineering E-Learning
Manufacturing Housing & Real Estate
Healthcare And Pharmaceutical Travel
Media And Marketing Construction
Education Aviation
Retail Printing & Publishing
Logistics Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
Commercial Oil And Gas
Government Banking
Telecommunications Agriculture
And So On…

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