Interpretation FAQs

Read some important Interpretation FAQs, i.e. frequently asked questions & answers for interpretation services customers that will help you get instant solutions to your queries.


Q.1. How Is The Interpreting Quote Decided?


Ans. The quotes for interpretation are different from that of translation, because it cannot be decided on a per-word basis. This is why the quote for interpretation strictly depends on the nature and type of the event. For example, if it is a three day (or more) conference, which requires continuous interpretation, a daily rate will be used. On the other hand, if it is a short time event, such as an interview, the quote will be formed at an hourly rate.


Apart from this, the quote may also vary depending on the type of interpretation you outsource, viz. Simultaneous, consecutive, whispered etc.


Q.2. Which Types Of Interpretation Can I Outsource?


Ans. You can outsource all sorts of interpretation solutions, as we offer authentic and high quality output for – Simultaneous Interpretation, Consecutive Interpretation, Whispered Interpretation, Continuous Interpretation, On Site Interpretation and so on. To check all of our interpreting services, click here –


Q.3. Do You Make Arrangements For Interpreting Services As Well As Conferences?


Ans. Yes, we handle the a to z of interpreting services and making arrangements for international conferences.

We offer our services for every location in the entire world. However, when it comes to organizing conference, exhibitions, seminars etc. it is only restricted to India. Right from interpretation to travel, accommodation etc. of your foreign business delegates will be handled by us. Read more about our conference organization services.


Q.4. Do I Need To Purchase Interpretation Equipment For The Job To Be Done?


Ans. No, you do not.


Interpreting jobs conducted on a smaller scale do not generally require professional equipment. However, for jobs such as simultaneous and consecutive, which are conducted on a large scale, require equipment.


But, you do not to worry, as we offer we offer interpretation equipment on rent.


Q.5. Do You Have Linguists Specialized In A Specific Sector?


Ans. We have a huge network of qualified and experienced interpreters, who hold specialization in different industries, such as medical, legal, technical etc. Read more about our industry interpretation to check out all the industry specializations.


Q.6. How Will You Keep My Information Completely Confidential?


Ans. We understand that keeping your information confidential and secure is very important. This is why we assure 100% confidentiality to you. None of your information – personal details (name, contact number etc.), organization details, meeting details etc. will be leaked out to any third party.


The interpreter who will be working with you, will also make sure that the information is handled with complete security. We can also sign an NDA.


Q.7. What If I Cancel A Booking At A Very Short Notice?


Ans. We understand that emergencies can erupt anytime and you may need to cancel a booking anytime. However, you need to understand that arranging a booking with an interpreter means that he or she has turned off all the work offers scheduled for that day. Therefore, there would be a cancellation deduction, depending on the time, the booking was canceled before the event.


Q.8. How To Get Started With Interpretation?


Ans. If you have any sort of interpretation requirements, it is very simple to get started. Simply give us a call or mail your requirements to us. Our team will get back to you within less than 24 hours. Contact us.


Q.9. What Are The Payment Methods That You Accept?


Ans. We accept payment through – Cheque, Paypal, Cash Deposit, Skrill, Western Union, PayTm and Bank Transfer.


Q.10. I Still Have Doubts. What To Do?


Ans. In case you have a query, which is still unanswered, do get in touch with us.

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