Top Investment Zones in India & Tourists Attractions in India

On account of the Top Investment Zones in India & Tourists Attractions in India, the country is seamlessly progressing day-by-day and also attracting a number of investors for revenue generation.

Known as the most populous democracy in the entire world, India is the seventh-largest country by area. As per the Indian naval hydrographic charts, there are 11% rocky shores, 46% mudflats or marshy shores and 43% sandy beaches in the mainland coastline. India is also recognized as the region of vast empires and historic trade routes, boasting of 29 states and 7 union territories. Thus, India is a multi-ethnic and multilingual society. Further, in a short span of time, India has become one of the fastest growing economies, by $2.308 trillion nominal GDP in 2015. Besides this, India has certain other features that are described below:

Key Facts and Statistics

■ According to the WTO, India is among the top 20 global traders.
■ The annual growth rate of Indian economy increased to almost 7.3% in 2014-15 as compared to 6.9% in 2013-14.
■ The GDP of the country was $7.996 trillion in terms of purchasing power parity in the year 2015.
■ Mumbai is valued as the commercial capital of India.
■ Almost 64.8% of GDP is contributed by the services sector in India, which includes services like infrastructure, telecommunications, software, travel, trade, education, banking and health care.
■ In the year 2013, there were a total of $464.2 billion exports, while $590.6 billion imports.
■ India’s main export partners are: European Union (16.7%), China (4.9%), United States 12.5%, Singapore (4.2%) and United Arab Emirates (10.1%).
■ India’s major export goods: engineering goods, chemicals, software, ores, transportation, petrochemicals, jewellery, agriculture products, pharmaceuticals, textiles and other commodities.
■ India’s main import partners are: China (11.1%), Switzerland (5.3%), Saudi Arabia (7.9%), European Union (10.6%) and United Arab Emirates (7.1%).
■ India’s major import goods: vegetable oil, crude oil, electronics, chemicals, iron and steel, engineering goods, coal and ores, gold and precious stones, plastics and other commodities.

The statistics above clearly depicts the fast growing pace of Indian market. Thus, the country has evolved as the most lucrative sector for long-term investment. Some of the major benefactors to India’s economy are as follows:

Major Investment Cities

Major Languages

Major Tourists Attraction

• Bangalore • Hindi (official) • Taj Mahal
• Mumbai • English (official) • Rohtang Pass
• Pune • Sindhi • Dal Lake
• Ahmedabad • Bodo • Kashmir Valley
• Delhi NCR • Nepali • Nuranang Falls
• Kota • Dogri • Darjeeling Tea Gardens
• Chennai • Santali • Sheshnag Lake
• Hyderabad • Manipuri • Matheran
• Coimbatore • Sanskrit • Belum Caves
• Kochi • Gujarati • Hawa Mahal
• Rewari and various other regional languages • Lotus Temple

Special Investment Zones

Different states and union territories India have a number of operational and approved special economic zones. The major SEZs developed by the central government are:

■ MEPZ Special Economic Zone in Chennai, Tamil Nadu for Multi product
■ SEEPZ Special Economic Zone in Mumbai, Maharashtra for Electronics and Gems & Jewellery
■ Noida Special Economic Zone in Uttar Pradesh for Multi product
■ Falta Special Economic Zone in Falta, West Bengal for Multi product
■ Cochin Special Economic zone in Cochin, Kerala for Multi product

Major Companies

■ Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (market capitalization: INR 2,78,994.53 crore in May 2015)
■ Tata Consultancy Services (market capitalization: INR 5,09,837.31 crore in May 2015)
■ Reliance Industries Limited (market capitalization: INR 2,85,051.72 crore in May 2015)
■ Infosys(market capitalization: INR 2,31,600.93 crore in May 2015)
■ SBI (market capitalization: INR 2,10,037.93 crore in May 2014)
■ Sun Pharma (market capitalization: INR 2,29,765.30 in May 2015)
■ HDFC Bank (market capitalization: INR 2,58,157.69 crore in May 2015)
■ ITC (market capitalization: INR 2,57,658.88 crore in May 2015)
■ Coal India (market capitalization: INR 2,42,137.83 crore in May 2015)
■ Hindustan Unilever (market capitalization: INR 1,83,101.45 in May 2015)

Hence, from the above description, it is evident that India is surely on its way to transform into a developed country from a developing country.

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8. Travel Arrangements

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Comprehensive Assistance to Indian and Foreign Companies

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