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Fastest Professional Image Moderation Services by 4000 Native Photo Moderators in 250+ languages for the protection of your brand from filthy user driven content. Our team consists of multilingual image moderators, who moderate different types of web-hosted images in real time and that too with more than 99% accuracy levels. We also assure for faster turnaround time, irrespective of the size of the project. This reflects our potential to respond quickly to any unexpected jump in volume. Further, our Image Moderation company works on a diverse range of public, profile, specialized or any private album for varied businesses or industries, like, tourism, medical, engineering, fashion, retail, media, technical, legal, hospitality and so forth. So, if you are looking for secure image moderation solutions in New Delhi NCR India UAE Mumbai Bangalore Chennai Hyderabad Chandigarh Kolkata Ahmedabad or Amritsar etc., you are at the right place.

Need of Moderating Images

User generated content has become a highly popular trend in the last few decades. It basically represents the democratization of content production and boosts the engagement level on your website. However, every type of content (for example, the images) generated by the user is not appropriate enough to be shared or uploaded on your website. They may contain some obscene or abusive images, which may ruin your reputation in the business world. Thus, there is a great need the images moderated, before they are posted on your website. This in turn, will help you to provide a clean, professional and secure environment to the users.

Types of User Generated Images

 Photo Album Pics
 Google Adsense & Shopping Compliance
 Profile Pictures
 Contest Entries

In line with your online policies, our skilled moderators approve, move, report or reject images in real time, so that you can grab glitch free moderation assistance.

Strict Moderation Guidelines

With an aim to protect your brand from abusive, copyright breaches, spam and flagged content, we follow strict moderation guidelines that filters, rejects or remove the following categories:

Illegal drug use Violence and threats
Nudity and pornography Identity and privacy
Hate speech Phishing and spam
Self-Harm Obscenity
Child-related issues Graphic content
Copyright Infringement Cyberbullying

Quality Moderation Process

Our team follows a quality moderation procedure to safeguard your brand from unwanted spammers attackers and scammers, who may upload any type of content which is against brand compliance or which may void community guidelines.

Our process begins with:

  Identifying the potential threats
  Designing the course of action
  Constructing the moderation system
  Establishing acceleration channel
  Getting started with the moderation

Our team checks each and every image and passes it on the quality supervising team for the final approval. Our team also designs the necessary course of actions (as per the output and threat level) which includes warning message reporting user and permanent blocking of users.

Pre and Post Moderation Advantage

At TridIndia, you will have the advantageous access to pre and post moderation solutions. This implies that the images will be moderated both before and after the images are posted on your website or the social networks. To put it in simple words, we work in tandem with our clients’ traffic demographics and specific needs, in order to provide them with solutions that result into safe and secure online experience of the users.

Benefits of Moderation Services at TridIndia

If you are a brand that consistently communicates with its target customers via World Wide Web, you should be definitely looking forward to a clean environment for your users. To help you out, we are here at your service with high quality accurate photo moderation solutions. You may have access to the following benefits at TridIndia –

  Tailor: Made for You: According to your unique needs, we design a customized solution that helps your business to attain your organizational goals and maintain a positive image among the target customers.

  Strict Control on Quality: Our team keeps a close watch on the quality of each moderated image and sees to it that the contents uploaded are strictly aligned to your policies.

  Rapid and Quick: Our services are very quick and effective. Thus, whenever any kind of image is uploaded, our team quickly reviews the same and moderates it for a safe online experience.

  Addition of Meta Data: To help you take the maximum advantage of the assets created by your community, our team can add meta data to the images.

  Efficient Moderation UI: We have a highly efficient moderation UI that allows the team to review a greater number of photos in an hour. They also use efficient tools for the clear identification of rejection reasons.

  Talented Experts: We boast of an experienced team of moderators, who commits to deliver quality results within the stipulated time frame.

  Detailed Monthly Reports: At the end of every month, you may be provided with a quality and detailed report that would entail the total numbers of images moderated and the specific action applied on each of them.

  Custom Rules and Policies: According to your needs, we can moderate images by using both standard and custom moderation guidelines. Our team will work with you and implement the rejection reasons and custom rules.

  API Integration: Our API (i.e. application programming interface) is so advanced that it helps us assure a fast turnaround time and provide great way-out for submitting images and receiving results.

  Affordable: Our services are highly qualitative, yet affordable. With skilled resources, scalable offerings and shorter learning curve, our services become highly cost-effective for the clients.

Safeguard Your Brand’s Reputation in Real Time

A brand is nothing without a positive reputation. Hence, it is recommended to see if your users are provided with a quality online experience. If the users have access to a safe online experience, you’ll have a positive image in the market. But, if the reverse happens, it is a signal that your downfall is near. We seriously do not want that your brand gets a negative image. Thus, we moderate all types of images and eliminate any kind of obscene content getting displayed on your website or social network. This way we help you protect your brand on a global level. So, get in touch today and leverage the real time assistance..!!

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