10 Countries That Allow Indian Driving License For Traveling

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Whether it is a business trip or vacation, there is something great about driving in a different country or city. When you are the one handling the wheel, you are not at the benefit of having a driver to take you around.

You can leave when you want and have the freedom to stop at any place or even change the destination completely without having to think about driver rates or anything of the sort. The only caveat is the need for a driving license. You would have to take some other driving test to qualify for an international driving license. For regular travelers who prefer driving themselves, this test is a great idea. However, for the occasional traveler, this test is an additional expense as well as a time consumer.

For those who want to drive without any need for an international license, go through the below-mentioned list of countries where your valid Indian license can be used.

1. Australia

Australia is a preferred and favorite destination for many Indians, both for leisure and work. Whether you are on a holiday or due to work, an Indian driving license would be identified as legal and valid throughout the country. If you are driving in the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, New South Wales, or Queensland, your Indian license would be observed valid for more than a year.

However, in the Northern part of the country, the validity of such type of license is limited to just 3 months keep these aspects into account before so that you can plan accordingly.

2. United States of America

You can consider your Indian driving license to drive in the USA for a complete year. In case your driving license is not issued in the English language, then you need to carry form I-94 to uncover your arrival date in the states. You might also be asked to give an International Driving Permit in some locations of the country.

3. South Africa

Driving across on your Indian license will permit you to discover South Africa’s landscapes and towns. The key is to go through the license is current, that it is printed in the English language, and that it involves your signature and photo.

4. Malaysia

To drive on Malaysian roads, your Indian driving license should be in English language or in the Malay language. The document has to be vetted by generating authority or the Indian Embassy in Malaysia. If you do not have that, then you require an international driving license on Malaysian roads.

5. Switzerland

The home of the Swiss Alps and popular the world over as a chocolate haven and cheese, Switzerland also allows drivers holding a valid Indian driver’s license to drive a car in their country. The country is famed for its low accident rates as well as well-kept streets, making it a secure place to test your driving mettle if you so want.

6. New Zealand

Neighboring Australia is another country where n Indian citizen does not require an IDP or fresh driving license. If you plan to visit NZ soon, know that you can utilize your existing license while considering the following conditions account:

• You should be 21 years old to rent a car in NZ.

• Your driving license should be in the English language or you must possess an authorized translated copy from the NZ transport agency.

The existing license can remain valid for around a year from the date of entrance into the nation. If you plan to stay longer, you should go for an IDP or a driver’s license in New Zealand.

7. South Africa

You can discover South Africa’s great towns and countryside by driving across with your Indian license. The key is to make sure the license is valid, is printed in the English language, and bears your signature and photo.

8. Finland

You can explore the country with an Indian driving license for a complete year. But an essential need here is that you get health insurance. And it is the insurance that will analyze the validity of your license.

9. France

Do you want some French food and wine? Whether you are planning to visit the fabulous Eiffel Tower or just to attend a business conference, driving in your own car can resolve transportation problems.

Even though your Indian license is accepted, it must have an authorized French translation to work. Furthermore, French cars have a left-hand drive, which can lead to challenges for Indians who are used to other types of driving.

10. Germany

You can drive in Germany for around 6 months with your Indian driving license. Make sure you follow the local traffic rules as the Germans drive on the right side of the road, unlike Indians who drive on the left side. You may need to have a German translated copy of your driving license and it is suggested to carry an International Driving License in case the local authorities need you to hold one to drive.

To make your experience convenient, go through the list of above-mentioned countries that allow you to drive with an Indian driving license. And choose where to travel wisely.


The above-mentioned countries accept Indian driving licenses in most situations. However, you should keep yourself updated on the prerequisites or conditions niched with the license’s validity. Furthermore, if you are traveling to a new place and don’t know the culture or language they communicate in, then you can hire professional translators at a very competitive price.

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