5 Most Popular Science Fiction Gadgets That You Cannot Ignore

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No doubt, the technology, today has reached to an impeccable peak. In recent years, such amazing science fiction gadgets have been developed that you might have never thought of. These gadgets not just astonish you, but also make your life simpler..

Here are few of the trendiest science fiction gadgets that will amaze you:

1. Robotic Restaurant

With this new technology, you need not to wait in long queues, in order to place an order. Customers now order their meal on an interactive kiosk and then receive the food stuff from an automated food pick-up system.

2. Trakkies

They are small coin shaped gadgets that help you make sure that none of your essential items is left behind, while leaving the house. Similar to this, there was another invention of web based lightning solution that helps users to control the lightning.

3. Alarm App

An app known as I’M UP ALARM has been invented that helps you get at the right time. One feature that sets it apart from the regular alarms is that it stops ringing only when you get up from the bed physically.

4. Toaster for a Perfect Selfie

Now you will be able to get your selfie over your toast with a selfie toaster. Using heating inserts, this toaster produces your picture on the slice of bread. Besides this, there is a selfie spoon that clicks your photo even while having a meal.

5. Belt Style Charger for Phone

Known as XOO Belt, this charger is like a belt fitted with USB port at the buckle and tiny charger with a capacity of 2,100mAh.

Thus, the world has witnessed massive changes in technology. The modern world has a number of surprises in its pocket for the gadget lovers. If you are a gadget freak, then these science fiction gadgets will truly mesmerize you.

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