5 Traits of Microsoft Xbox One That Makes It More Appealing

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Microsoft Xbox One is surely a revolution in the video game world, as it highly demanded in the market. The company competes with its PlayStation 4 console and Sony, in order to gain an edge in the world of video game.

To win over the fans, Microsoft had to go the extra mile, as most of the users opted to forgo the gaming consoles altogether. This was in favor of smartphone games that are more casual.

So, during a conference in Germany, Microsoft had to present its case in the presentation held at the conference.

The key 5 traits that are reported to make the Xbox One more attractive and irresistible are:

1. Backward Compatibility

Microsoft announced (at a conference earlier this year) that all the games of Xbox 360 would run easily on Xbox One. The feature would probably appear in November.

All the games (Xbox 360) in the ‘Games with Gold’ campaign, would be backward-compatible. The campaign gives free games to the Xbox Gold subscribers.

The company stated that the console would be launched with 100 titles, with even more to come down the line.

2. DVR Capabilities

The DVR capabilities will appear in the Xbox One by the next year. It will allow the gamers to record television that will feed through the console using digital tuners and external hard drive.

Viewers will be able to record a show in the background and access the show recordings from their Xbox. If the console is set at the ‘instant-on’ mode, the recordings will start automatically.

Not just this, on Windows 10, the Xbox App will permit the users to stream their recordings, schedule recordings on the go and even download their shows for viewing them offline.

3. New Way to Chat

A Chatpad would also be featured in the Xbox One, as announced by Microsoft. It includes connection for your headset and a full keyboard, just as similar to the Xbox 360 version.

Its unique features include 2 programmable buttons present at the bottom. These buttons can be ideally used for gameplay recording, quick access to screenshots and various other features.

4. Fresh Coat of Paint

A user interface upgrade would be seen that is reported to be powered by Windows 10. The company affirmed that the upgrade for user interface would take place in November.

Cortana that is the voice-activated virtual assistant of Microsoft will also be available for Xbox One. The users would need Kinect, in order to ask questions.

5. Software Galore

Three exclusives were discussed by Microsoft that are expected to hit the market in 2016. It included Quantum Break and Crackdown 3.

The game ‘Halo 5: Guardians’, showed off multiplayer footage from the pre-released software.

Halo Wars 2 (in the Halo universe) is coming next year.

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