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In order to develop Indian Languages, varied Academic Curriculums must be produced in Indian languages, according to Human Resource Development Minister. It was on the last day of All-India Convention of Samskrita Bharathi that Prakash Javadekar said so, being the chief guest there.

He said that in Israel, which is a very small country, all professional and higher education courses were offered in Hebrew language. When things like this can happen in Israel, it can be performed in India as well.

With the development of Indian languages, the country would simultaneously develop. Hence, the language institutes should focus on this matter. The Kothari Commission focused on a three-language formula. However, there were French, Mandarin and German in the CBSE syllabi.

He further said that they respect every language and are not against anyone of them. But, the Indian Constitution states that the Indian languages should be taught under the three-language formula in varied CBSE educational institutions. Any Indian language cannot be replaced by a foreign language and English has been regarded as a link language by the constitution.

It was also found that vocation training was being provided in different institutions, instead of Sanskrit language. A language can only be replaced by a language and not vocational training. He further said that imposing the language is not a solution; rather, we will have to popularize it. The Indian government will put in all efforts to promote Sanskrit language.

Additionally, he highlighted that there were a huge number of dialects and languages (2,300) in the country. Efforts were made to create dictionaries of all such different languages in Hindi. Sanskrit dictionaries will also be created with other languages, in order to popularize Sanskrit.

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