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While you are at your workplace, you must not share few secrets about yourself that may create problems for you. In order to work together as a team, it is important to understand your colleagues well. But, there is a line that must be crossed, as it might hamper your career growth, i.e. do not share each and everything at your workplace.

Listed below are some facts about you that must not be shared:

1. Controversial Opinions

If you are talking about something controversial with your colleague, then make sure that nothing is said that offends the other person. You never know which of your opinions might hurt his feelings and place you in a condition that may stress you at the workplace. So,, think before you think, or sometimes, being silent can also favor you.

2. Personal Issues

Every person has some personal issues. But, discussing them too much in the office might put you in the negative light. Your senior may feel that when you are so troubled at the present, then how you will manage the office assignments. So, your promotion might be given a second thought.

3. Negative Feelings

Never share your negative thoughts about any of your colleagues or team mate. Such thoughts spread like fire and may create problems for you.

4. Health Problems

If you are facing severe health problems, then they must be discusses between you and your boss. But, otherwise, it is generally advisable to avoid discussing it everyone, as it might cause discrimination in the office.

5. Salary

Salary is another factor that must not be disclosed to everyone. You can share it with your trusted friends, but, not with everyone.

So, keep problems away from you at the workplace and keep such facts secret to yourself.

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